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    Boycott Wikipedia. The "information" on there is incorrect and heavily biased.

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  1. New Bath '70 Video?

  2. Jimmy Page & Chris Cornell To Collaborate In 2015

    Chris Cornell has died. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/news/chris-cornell-audioslave-soundgarden-singer-has-died-aged-52/
  3. Led Zeppelin Gear Book Due In October

    What happened to the gear book?
  4. BBC sessions deluxe out September 16!!!!

    'Sunshine Woman' included, missing from the 1997 release.
  5. But you're assuming they had to have THAT album to hear "Fresh Garbage". As Robert Plant stated in his deposition, he heard "Fresh Garbage" from a CBS sampler album, NOT from the Spirit album, and "Fresh Garbage" was played often on the radio, as opposed to "Taurus" which got zilch airplay.

    1. Mercurious


      Eggzellent point.  The bass line's not difficult.  Took me a couple of minutes to get it spot on earlier today.  Remember, though, Jimmy Page owns that album, and a few other Spirit records as well.   I do believe that it's unlikely that Zep sat down and listened to Spirit's "Fresh Garbage."   They are ONLY interested in the bass line, Page and Plant's live performances are certainly proof of that.

  6. HUGE NEWS - The Bonham/Jones/ Page Sessions of 2008

    Interesting, thanks for the videos.
  7. Terry Reid Story

    Mickie Most had a hand producing Little Games but was not the Yardbirds manager. It was Simon Napier-Bell who made that comment about Page.
  8. Terry Reid Story

    Terry Reid's career was stalled after leaving Mickie Most with contractual issues. There were allegations Most ripped him off and Reid was also unhappy with the material Most asked him to record. I think if Reid had Grant as a manager, he would have been better off as a solo artist, if not a member of Led Zeppelin.
  9. The same TSRTS billboard location below can be seen across the road from Robert Plant's suite at the Continental Hyatt House. The billboard was leased by Ryan Advertising agency. Continental Hyatt House is now known as Andaz West Hollywood, located at 8401 Sunset Blvd.
  10. That Coda billboard was located at Tower Records, 8801 W Sunset Blvd.
  11. I have a different address listed for Cliff Raven Tattooing. 8418 Sunset Blvd, near Kings Rd intersection.
  12. Terry Reid Story

    Reid was a decent songwriter. I think with Reid in the band, that first album would have been vastly different.
  13. Paul McCartney's Supergroup

    I can't imagine Eric Clapton hanging around with that group. His track record with Blind Faith, Derek & the Dominoes, only one album each before going to his solo career.
  14. Former home of Led Zeppelin manager on the market

    Ilex End doesnt have the same charm as Horselunges Manor.
  15. Listen to Train Cover ‘The Lemon Song’