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  1. May 01, 2008 Evan Serpick of RollingStone.com recently conducted an in-depth interview with STONE TEMPLE PILOTS/ex-VELVET REVOLVER singer Scott Weiland. An excerpt from the chat follows: RollingStone.com: Did that call from Dean come at a time when things were already falling apart with VELVET REVOLVER? Weiland: No, things at that time were working quite well with VELVET REVOLVER and I didn't want to mention it to them until there was a plan and a couple gigs that were actually booked. Slash and I were usually the ones who talked to each other first about things, then we'd go to the rest of the guys. And, unfortunately because of certain people's egos, it… I walked into a situation where there was a lot of baggage. I had a lot of baggage walking into my situation. I was in a band where at the end, it was pretty much three against one.And so I'm pretty sure that it felt that way to Axl [Rose, GUNS N' ROSES singer] as well. I have to say this, and I'm not just saying this now because of my situation I went through, but I heard a lot of great GUNS N' ROSES stories you guys in the press will never hear. Everyone has made Axl out to be this horrendously crazy person, this bad guy, and I don't know him very well at all. He and I for whatever reason got almost tricked into this little media spat for a moment because one of our band members happened to run into him and said that he said something. So, my point being that having been in a band with VELVET REVOLVER now for five and a half years, I'm not quite so sure that it was all Axl's fault. It's like, why does it always have to be the lead singer. Matt Sorum in front of my face, he was the sweetest guy in the world. But there were some times, out of the blue, the guy just randomly hated me. We all carried our own baggage in that band. In a sense, that's why people were intrigued, you know, especially for the first couple of years. Because they were kind of waiting on the trainwreck to happen. They just thought it would happen a lot sooner. http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermo...ewsitemID=96131
  2. i've read numerous times that stinson and axl do not get along most of the time. shit, stinson said it himself. so with stinson doing a replacements reunion and fink leaving, could this be pointing to a gnr reunion ? now that i think about it, probably not, because gnr plan on going on tour again for CD (hopefully when they tour again CD will actually be out). i think axl wants to take the current line-up on tour for cd before he even thinks about an original gnr reunion.
  3. apologies. i really was a dick head and pretty immature (im not being sarcastic). sorry man.
  4. wow, this is suprising. i love "kiss of death" man, that song rocks.
  5. wow. words fail me. i think you need to start thinking about growing up pal.
  6. Well no shit im here. but i don't resort to acting like a child because someone else has a different opinion of mine. this conversation is over. fuck off.
  7. i think you guys are all pathetic pieces of shit. i mean come on you stupid DUMBASSES. its a fucking band. how fucking controversal can it get ? instead of focusing all your fucking though process into a band, think of something that actually matters. get a fucking life. dumbass internet geeks.
  8. I think we should all just calm down. Jahfin is entitled too his opinion and we should respect that. Same goes to DRUNK. So stop talking a bunch of shit to each other and chill. that shit accomplishes nothing.
  9. funny you should say that. so many of you on this thread have talked so much shit about the current gnr line-up before you have even heard any of the new material or what the new line-up is even capable of.
  10. i think its funny that the new bassist for gnr is in the replacements. kinda ironic
  11. An image that has been distorted by the mainstream media.
  12. i wonder how many of your opinions would change about axl rose if the original line up got back together ?
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