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  1. Oh wow, I am a dumbass I didn't read the last line of your text, lol *faceplams self* I also agree Pagey is beyond god, and if that is true Clapton is god, and who would be jesus? Jeff Beck?
  2. Sorry sir, it is just a saying, i myself am lutheran and don't believe that page is god, but he is undoubtably the greatest guitarist to live, I will change it if you'd like that.
  3. Anyone see this one Ipod touch commercial, music kinda sounds like Trampled Underfoot.
  4. Was watching Pinks All Outtakes on the speed channel and they were interviewing the owner of a Dodge Viper who races and still has a stereo in his car. The interviewer asked, "So waht do you play while your racing that thing?" the owner said "Led Zeppelin usually"
  5. There is no "Every Song" option, I chose "Out On The Tiles" though, it has some kickass drumming from Bonzo, and I love how Pagey makes that almost grunting sound going back and forth between frets, I also like "Gallows Pole", it goes from a slow folk song, into a heavy folk song, using many instruments. Who said Banjo's weren't rockin'?
  6. Darlene - (If you don't know who performs it kill yourself now)
  7. Today I was watching Step Brothers and the one brother, Dale, has a prized drum set that he won't let anyone touch, and he angered his other step brother, played by Will Ferrell, So he threatens to place his sack on the drum set, so he runs upstairs, does it, and says "John Bonham is playing Moby Dick for real!"
  8. Thanks, I have to wait at metro airport if they ever are in Michigan. lol Umm..... Is it just me or does this look like a drug deal.
  9. Yes, your one lucky S.O.B. getting to meet god in person, I also would like to hear about it too.
  10. I just saw it, I say we sue! I also saw the "Zeppelin Rulesss! reference on the simpsons. ABC's new show "Life On Mars" might have some zeppelin reference, since it's supposed to take place in 1973.
  11. HeartBreaker/Living Loving Maid 94.7 WCSX, the staiton just recentley had an interview with Jason Bonham.
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