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  1. I have just downloaded the high res LZ1 currently playing just up to the first Paris song and I must say I am realy enjoying the quality. I dont have a dac and am just listing on my pc but even that sounds great. I have LZ3 downloading now (no digital spinning wheel lol) and LZ2 I have had trouble getting it to download (will try again when LZ3 is finished downloading) even paypal asked me to confirm by phone who I was for LZ3. I would have got the box sets but I can't afford that. I also hope the neighbours like Led Zeppelin as its getting a bit late here and a few oldies around
  2. Well also the Foo Fighters are big here (notice number 5 on the chart) as there best off plus 3 new ones went number one and wheels (which I dont like) is on the radio alot. I think maybe the Foo Fighters fans will also push the sales along but only time will tell. Hope I'm right as the tour is not till Mid\late January. Kevin
  3. Australian Aria Chart for 23/11/2009. Edit; Just noticed that AC/DC was also for first week in at 27 (Live recordings etc). Surprised they where not higher as Australians love there AC\DC but Tcv well that's just so much better imo just surprised that they do so well on the charts here. Goes to show good rock is not dead. Kevin
  4. I have these photos of there 72 tour in Australia and finally have decided to scan them today. I have had them since the mid 80's. The one with Jimmy with the beard is in Melbourne at Kooyong Tennis Courts and it was raining which explains the flat hair. The clock also says that outdoor gigs at night where a no no back then. But Melbourne has grown up since then. Kevin
  5. I'll have to grab a copy today (well after a good sleep it's after midnight}. Hopefully the local newsagent (newstand) has it in stock. Kevin
  6. Finaly got it from Itunes this afternoon and listening now but a bit late so will crank it up tomorrow. The only problem (Itunes I'll blame) was two tracks where missing some id3 tags "Reptiles" was missing composer so I added it and New Fang was missing composer as well. I have "New Fang" Single as it was free a few days ago and I have it twice now. I'm enjoying this alot I just have to hear it louder tomorrow as it's almost midnight here. Next is to get the CD when I am closer to decent music shop. Kevin
  7. Yes Same here Im in Australia. I pre-ordered via Itunes and so far there making me wait):. I could try to find the cd but the local shops are not so great at getting new stuff on time. Would have to drive closer to the city (Melbourne) to get and thats over 6okms so will wait for Itunes for now. Kevin Yeah just realised your in Aus as well.
  8. Hi first post here but been reading here for a while. It was when I saw the Sun article while surfing I had to come here quick smart to see if any official word was out yet. Oh well waiting continues. Also to mention my brother almost got to go to "O2" via a radio station (Triple M in Melbourne Australia) give away of tickets but sadly missed out but got a copy of the Mothership CD. Now he might get his wish but then again........................ Kevin
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