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  1. Hi Aquamarine

    you seem to be a real nice person and I really like your comments and posts... and it seems like we share the same way of thinking about certain things.. :)

    see you around, Adi

  2. Adi

    I have some new ideas for t-shirts so you can take a look :)

  3. i think that when you asked about the MTV performance you meant to Robert and jimmy's MTV unplugged concert conducted on 1994... i'm 99% sure that this is the concert you were talking about...

  4. hey spacewoman! just wanted to say thanks for all of the amazing wallpapers and screencaps you posted and keep posting..you are truly an artist! keep on with the good work...

  5. thanx for sharing all these amazing pics of jimmy they are great!

  6. hey Deborah! keep on rocking too...Adi

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