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    Led Zeppelin.<br />Love reading books on ancient castles, lighthouses, gothic stuff, etc.<br />I have a passion on all Central and South American: food, places, Inca, Maya and Aztec culture, everything!

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  1. Hi Grant! Yeah, the Vanguard is a nice little cozy place hosting great blues, rock, jazz and tribute gigs.Honestly, my favorite compared to the Basement... They had a gorgeous Robert Johnson tribute show that I will never easily forget... Anyway, thanks for the links for both clubs. I am sometimes in touch with John @ the Vanguard, so I might email him and we'll take it from there... ciao Reggie!! Check out your FB. Left a message for you. I am currently holidaying in Italy. I have disappeared from the board for a while, tooooo busy! This is the first time I find some time to check in here. All is good, hope to see you to the CCent LZ tribute show at the Enmore Theatre.... ciaooooo So appropriate, STZ!
  2. BELLISSIMO! We never get enough of him, ILJP Thanks for re-posting this, doll!
  3. STZ, sorry, I didn't make it. Hope you all had fun. I instead went to a dinner with jam session at some friends' place! It was great! two guitarists playing all the Zep tunes and more... Hope to make it next time... ciao!
  4. A bunch of Jimmy magazine covers...
  5. always loved this one...such a doll! Here's another "gem" from Aen27! Thanks, never seen this photo before!
  6. Inga! Yeah, I saw you disappeared from FB Well, we'll see each other here Have a lovely day!
  7. ...and beyond happiness for the special and unforgettable moments I had all week through... Feel so blessed by the emotional gifts the universe gave me...positive karma is working finally
  8. Yay!!! He's my favorite tennis player. Soo happy he won!
  9. ...least but not last, Al!! I always love your pictures. They take me to the beautiful US state you live in. Nice to see you enjoyed a bit of fishing...
  10. Saw this one somewhere, where..??? hahaha You always look gorgeous, Roxie! Lady Helena, you remind me of our Aussie Nicole Kidman. Great shot, Inga! Love it! Fabulous eyes!
  11. Riothouse, sorry I didn't make it to vote for you, but saw that you won in any case. Love that pic of yours with Jimmy! Shame you didn't make it to the Wed night, Cactus! But then again, glad you made it to the Saturday night show. The movie was really awesome and yeah, Jimmy has a nice sense of humour. His laugh and smiles are simply contagious in this movie. But I would like to mention Jack White too (one of my favorite musicians of the younger rock generation). Loved the way the movie showed his insight to his music background and love for the guitar playing. He's a great artist and so talented. Plus he is really funny, he's got that witty sense of humour..
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