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    Hi Charles, I hope this message gets to you. I haven't been on here for ages, probably more than a year now. We have lately kept in touch on Facebook and via email. You always have been very nice to post lovely comments on my wall, always gracious to wish me a good day, making sure to inbox me Happy birthday and Merry Christmas cards. Then I haven't seen you there for a while. Last time I saw you was in that photo of you with the Saints. I still remember you were smiling, your good spirits, your feelings of hope... Just a few days ago, a fellow Zep head and FB friend saw that I
  2. Hi Grant! Yeah, the Vanguard is a nice little cozy place hosting great blues, rock, jazz and tribute gigs.Honestly, my favorite compared to the Basement... They had a gorgeous Robert Johnson tribute show that I will never easily forget... Anyway, thanks for the links for both clubs. I am sometimes in touch with John @ the Vanguard, so I might email him and we'll take it from there... ciao Reggie!! Check out your FB. Left a message for you. I am currently holidaying in Italy. I have disappeared from the board for a while, tooooo busy! This is the first time I find some time to
  3. BELLISSIMO! We never get enough of him, ILJP Thanks for re-posting this, doll!
  4. STZ, sorry, I didn't make it. Hope you all had fun. I instead went to a dinner with jam session at some friends' place! It was great! two guitarists playing all the Zep tunes and more... Hope to make it next time... ciao!
  5. A bunch of Jimmy magazine covers...
  6. always loved this one...such a doll! Here's another "gem" from Aen27! Thanks, never seen this photo before!
  7. MM, what a beautiful and magical experience! I bet you won't sleep for weeks now thinking about what happened last night. I am so glad you made it to be at the LA premiere and be able to catch a glimpse of Mr P. This is the proof that dreams can come true... Thanks for sharing those photos and vids. He looks a million dollars babe! We Aussies were not that lucky to have Jimmy at the Sydney premiere of IMGL on June 3rd, still we happily and blissfully enjoyed his presence on the big screen. I have just found this vid (sorry if it is a re-post) with a few scenes from IMGL for th
  8. Inga! Yeah, I saw you disappeared from FB Well, we'll see each other here Have a lovely day!
  9. ...and beyond happiness for the special and unforgettable moments I had all week through... Feel so blessed by the emotional gifts the universe gave me...positive karma is working finally
  10. Yay!!! He's my favorite tennis player. Soo happy he won!
  11. ...least but not last, Al!! I always love your pictures. They take me to the beautiful US state you live in. Nice to see you enjoyed a bit of fishing...
  12. Saw this one somewhere, where..??? hahaha You always look gorgeous, Roxie! Lady Helena, you remind me of our Aussie Nicole Kidman. Great shot, Inga! Love it! Fabulous eyes!
  13. Riothouse, sorry I didn't make it to vote for you, but saw that you won in any case. Love that pic of yours with Jimmy! Shame you didn't make it to the Wed night, Cactus! But then again, glad you made it to the Saturday night show. The movie was really awesome and yeah, Jimmy has a nice sense of humour. His laugh and smiles are simply contagious in this movie. But I would like to mention Jack White too (one of my favorite musicians of the younger rock generation). Loved the way the movie showed his insight to his music background and love for the guitar playing. He's a great arti
  14. well, well, nothing "feminine" in this photo really.... Thanks, Aen27! it seems that you always have the good finds. Love these! The photos taken from this session are among my favorite. Love his outfit..soo stylish Like we Italians say..."al bacio"
  15. ...I'll have to check out the TSRTS clip and spot you now
  16. ...I'll have to check out the TSRTS clip and spot you now
  17. Bonzo, We always remember you as the greatest and most powerful drummer of all, the essential element to the greatness of Led Zeppelin but also as the man with such unique and lovable personality and family values. You will always be in that special place in our hearts and that will never change because you were precious to the music LZ created and the companionship/brotherhood you shared with Robert, Jimmy and John Paul. Your birthday every year is a happiness moment for us fans as we are each time remembered of the beginning of your personal journey towards your passion for music.
  18. Thank you, JAL! You are a darling! Your welcome back prezzie has been 'consumed" and "enjoyed" very very much, indeed! Here I am only for a "touch & go"... Next Wednesday It Might Get Loud is premiered in SYD! Oh dear God! XXXXXXXXX RATED Gosh! The guy I had a date with last week was dressed like this, scarf included!!! I AM NOT joking! Same hair length (only much much curlier), same job, same name initial, same star sign, hahaha...not kidding you! Absolutely lovely!!!!! ok, no more details. or I 'll spoil everything... Hey, ILJP, most definitely YES!
  19. Ciao Reggie! Yeah, I moved house, this place is only temporary, though. There's no way I am ending up far from the harbour. I am already missing my 2 minutes from it!!! Still, the view of the city is much better from this apartment! Thanks for the info on the guys playing at Blacktown. Hopefully I will make it, who knows. We'll see. I went to see the CCent playing Pink Floyd at the Basement and it was great! I love these guys. The guitarists are amazing: Pete is just a tornado and Joseph, well he's Joseph The not so good thing about Grant and the boys (please note only for me)
  20. No, I didn't. But that's ok. I have already seen them a couple of years ago in Verona, Italy! Glad you enjoyed it! cheers
  21. Awww, Julie!! I have been away from the board since May 2nd and finding your message only now! Sorry! Yeah! I know you went to the show. Saw it on your Fb profile wall I'm going to their show at The Basement tonight! I am so excited. Yes, the same guitarists: Joseph Calderazzo (he's great!) and Pete Northcote! Ciao Reggie!! That would be a wonderful plan! It would be great to see you and STZ again. When was it the last time??? too long ago! a nd it would be awesome to meet Cactus, Meg, Riothouse and ...Shadowblue (whom STZ and I ahave already met him . When is that show, Reg
  22. Coming back to this place after long time is always EXQUISITE! Ladies, many thanks to all of you for the never seen pictures in here! Just fabulous! For us Aussies, there are excellent news! It Might Get Loud will be premiered here for the Sydney Film Festival on 3rd June. I so look forward to see the movie!! Ok, here are a few special "grazie" to some of you! Till next time... Thank you for that, Mm! ... that steamy look on his face ...hmmmm .... Gotta love those boots too! Sweet! One of the best shots I have ever seen! Good one, Zoso2112! That's
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