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    Hopelessly Jimmy addict !
  • Birthday 12/17/1964

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    Czech republic
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    Music- though I´m a long year Kiss and Ace Frehley fan, I have discovered also the awesome music of Led Zeppelin.It was through my brother, who is listening to blues and also to them. I know LZ for many years and I always liked them , but now I´m really hooked!Jimmy is my absolute favorite- I ´ve become a Pagette, because he is so awesome!He is beautiful inside and outside, I simply love him! I´m an absolute computer freak and I spend a lot of time by doing graphics and collages. My other interests are painting, reading, trekking, history and art.<br />That´s all, folks! :)

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  1. Happy Birthday to you

  2. Spacewoman

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

    He is beyond gorgeous :wub: Thank you for that pic, Alex!
  3. Spacewoman

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    This picture shows the whole charisma and mystery of Jimmy. It is iconic!
  4. Spacewoman

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

    And all good things are three!
  5. Spacewoman

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

    And more from me:
  6. Spacewoman

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

    Finally I´m here again! BTW- nice signature, Lena! Some Pagey hotness for the weekend:
  7. Spacewoman

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

  8. Spacewoman

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

    Some for you Magenta, to feel much better! But for the other Pagettes too...
  9. Spacewoman

    zeppelin drawings

    This is really beautiful! You got them perfectly! And I have recognized that pic at once, it is one of my favorites!
  10. Spacewoman

    zeppelin drawings

    This is pretty cool! You really expressed the essence of Rock and Roll!!!
  11. Spacewoman

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

    Oh my, oh my... I wish I could cuddle him too and hide my face into those luscious dark curls... some from me:
  12. Spacewoman

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

    Those are so gorgeous! Thank you, Alex! The first one with Rob and Jimmy is too cute-Jimmy´s face expression is that you want cuddle him and kiss those sweet lips! And the last one... aww, poor baby, skin and bones! This is the skinniest pic of Jimy I have ever seen! His pants are almost falling down. I could cry for him and hold him in my arms.
  13. Spacewoman

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

  14. Spacewoman

    Generation #2 Pagette thread

    Welcome on board! You are on the right place here. Enjoy and have a lot of fun!