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  1. 1) Kashmir 2) Achilles Last Stand 3) Trampled Underfoot 4) No Quarter 5) Stairway to Heaven 6) Carouselambra 7) Dazed and Confused 8) Communication Breakdown 9) Since I've Been Loving You 10) Misty Mountain Hop
  2. 95.5 KLOS from L.A. always has the 7:00 time dedicated to Led Zeppelin. They play 3 Zeppelin songs every weekday at 7:00, and I always look forward to that. Also I've always wanted to hear "No Quarter" on the radio, but I'v never gotten the chance. Someday.
  3. I feel like listening to Zeppelin right now.

  4. Hello Zeppelin Rules!

  5. I agree with Zepheads, man Simple and easy, its the only one that I would use
  6. My favorite Page Guitar Solo is the 'Stairway to Heaven' version on the Led Zeppelin DVD It certainly beats HTWWW and TSRTS versions, I think that during that solo, Jimmy Page shows his finest moment.
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