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  1. At one time a long, long time ago I used to put this record on quite a lot. These days not so much. I have to disagree with the notion that Hot Dog should be left off. It's a silly little riff, that I suspect is a parody of Black Dog, but it's one of Plant's finest lyrics. Great story. Fool in the Rain as well. These are very solid, well-crafted pop songs. Not prog. Not rock. Not weak. Great performances by Jones and Bonham on both too. I'm Gonna Crawl is kind of like Tea for One part 2... and also a lot like SIBLY, so a kind of nod to the past, in a
  2. Though written rather simplistically, I thought the book was really interesting. I'd recommend it to anyone who's read Hammer of the Gods multiple times and is looking for another perspective. ... The Man Who Led Zeppelin... cheeky sub title to boot.
  3. The raw, socially unacceptable lyrics are part of what drew 60s teens to the blues. That was like punk rock to them. I think there is an interview with either Jimmy or Robert where one of them says something about not being able to believe what the blues singers were singing about, and being particularly fond of the freedom of expression they had. This was the pre-2LiveCrew white-clean-and-neat late 50s, early 60s. Jimmy often cites Elvis Presley's "Let's Play House" as an inspiration. "In those days he was talking about 'living in sin!.' It just wasn't done." I
  4. "Four Rovers in Landover" Cap Center 1977-05-30. "Ten Years Gone" at the moment. There is something wrong with TSRTS... I think I'll try reconverting it... because the sound quality improves drastically as soon as Sick Again starts. Haven't had this on in ages. Pretty much all killer so far.
  5. Not sure what possessed me to stop by here for the first time in years, but hello, everyone. I couldn't help but be drawn into this thread. 1977-06-23 is the one I usually choose if someone insists on hearing a live version of this piece. Granted, there are plenty of holes in my collection. I see a couple of things I'll have to look for next time I'm on the hunt. This is normally not one of my favorite tunes to hear live, despite the album version (and album it's from) being one of my all time favorites. Slightly off topic, but this keeps popping up in
  6. I'm no Steven Tyler fan, but I thought he was really good in that jam session... I was surprised. I think those RNR-HOF jam sessions are more for photo-ops, (wow that's (rock star A) with (rock star !) than actual musical relevance, but it would have been nice if the session had gone somewhere a little more interesting. meh, it was cool enough. tbh, I havn't seen it in a while. May be worth searching out. The induction video is really nice, though... Plant wouldn't allow Jonesy to get the last word, unfortunately. oh well.
  7. I woke up to my notification email, but I had to register for the site separately. ie, I registered to get the email, then I had to register again to get into the site. Or, did I just love it up? What's this "A Degree of Murder" soundtrack? Have people already been discussing it in another thread? Very pleased to see he's included his work with Roy Harper. Definitely goes right onto my "Favourites" list. Sadly, I've never been able to see Jimmy live. Only once was I in the same town when he was playing, but well... life has its ups and downs ("and we've been a part of a lot of ups a
  8. "St. Paul Master" lz1973-07-09cas.dat.cdrN.eac.cep just hit the transition from Rock and Roll into Celebration Day (edit) HOLY No Quarter!!! only drawback, you need some "bootleg ears" and perhaps a nice EQ to really get into it. not suitable for top-down cruising, but at the risk of being repetitive, Holy No Quarter! (/edit) (edit) ... and the audience is surprisingly responsive to Moby Dick (/edit)
  9. Thanks so much for posting that. I'm sure I'd never seen it before, though I'd heard rumour of Jonesy's phone number comment. I'm an old sap, but what a touching induction. The backstage shots are great. I was thinking, holyshix, there's Willie Nelson! but there is a point about there being more of him than JPJ. Jones was always said to have kept a certain distance as time went on. Some things appear to not have changed. Again, thanks for posting. I hope it doesn't disappear soon. The jam session with Neil Young is pretty cool, even if Robert gets a guitar solo and Jim
  10. "Last Stand" Berlin 1980-07-07trw1999 It's kind of a bummer too, but currently "Trampled Underfoot" is really hot "Push! Push!"
  11. Well, even though it's (reportedly) what killed him, it's tough to argue that Vodka was a drink Bonzo was fond of. The last Stairway.... It kind of starts sounding like they are turning into a jam-band. Page sounds (to me) more like Jerry Garcia (who I also like) than what we're used to hearing from Jimmy. It's searching, but also noisy, like some of the experimental punk music happening at the time. Page's sound is more like sonic textures than notes for a lot of the 1980 tour, and especially on this song. It's been a while since I've had this track on, but it basically be
  12. So, it looks like it could be possible that both the US and Japanese releases came from the same Swan Song plates, who forgot to add "SS" to the matrix number on side 2. I'll have to have a look around to see if other international issues also have those numbers. Seems likely. The GOLDDISC thing is a bit odd. I can't really comment on that. A reissue using the original catalogue number? dunno. It's not unheard of (these days and in some countries... try figuring out Jamaican vinyl!!! ) though it certainly confuses the issue. fwiw, the faint 'pr' is also present in my run-off.
  13. Hello folks. I can't remember the last time I was on here, but my profile says it was some time in early 2010. For some reason I woke up this morning thinking I ought to check in. Good timing, it seems. It's hard not to get pulled into a rant, though, after reading through the thread up to this point. Of course I'll take this cameo as an opportunity to post the longest most irrelevant response in the history of the board, and fail at that too, but I have so many comments on the discussion thus far. I might poke at a few points, but I don't mean harm, just a little sarcastic, perh
  14. That, is an interesting question and the start to a great open-ended thread, though, surely there are quite a few other vinyl threads dating back. I didn't check. SS 2-201 should be a US first pressing from 1976 The thing that strikes me, by looking at your photo, is that it looks like that number at the bottom is stamped on to the label. That may just be due to the high resolution scan. I only have one vinyl copy of this album. It's a P-4607~8N, but it also has a secondary matrix number at the bottom of the label, which, I have to admit, I hadn't paid any attention to before.
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