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  1. blair

    zeppelin drawings

    Thanks! I'm glad you like my work! I haven't posted much here lately, but I did finish a big Robert oil painting for a gallery exhibit featuring Midlands musicians...sorry that this is only a detail from the full size painting, which shows Robert in all his full regal-ness. That's just too big to upload here...its the full body version. I have this on my website and Memories In Music's website: As to Twitter...Indeed I do... @cynthiablair Though I don't tweet much. I do use that particular drawing of Jimmy alot in my promo cards and such...
  2. And that's why I dedicated it to you, I know what a Jimmy fan you are from DA
  3. Write me at My email address if you're seriously interested. I own a fine art printer, and was planning to print signed limited editions for Memories In Music - this way the majority of the money will go to Casa Jimmy. I may be able to print some before I ship to the UK, and I can still donate 75% to Casa Jimmy. (I don't plan to make money from print sales, just cover printing and shipping costs). I'm honored you like it, really!!
  4. Jimmy deserves the greatest honor I can give. Always!
  5. Thank you so much! I am thrilled you like it!
  6. Thanks so much!!! *grins*
  7. well, thanks Ev, I'm truly honored! The actual size of all my portrait drawings are 9 x12 approx. I will be offering prints for sale maybe in the next month or two, on Memories In Music That way I won't feel like I'm making money off of Zep, because most of the money will go to charities that Jimmy is involved with. This drawing (the original) will be shipped to the UK in a few weeks for their launch party. I made Annie promise that if Jimmy likes and wants it, it goes to him.
  8. I pretty much figured that it was a "stage name" so to speak but I like it, it suits you :)

  9. Thank you, sincerely, although you are too kind! I could never do more than draw a mere reflection of his greatness.... He has such an beautiful smile. These drawings will be donated to Memories In Music, a UK Tribute for Charity website, in honor of Jimmy and to help raise money for Casa Jimmy at their launch party this August.
  10. Thank you! I always obsess about drawing Jimmy - it has to be perfect, because it's him.
  11. Thanks so much! Jimmy inspires me *sigh* I've drawn so many of him...
  12. Thanks for adding me as a friend, Ms. Phantasie (what a great name, that!)

  13. I haven't been on for awhile, so I figured I'd stop in and see what everyone's been up to. New drawing for Jimmy as an SF:
  14. blair

    Drawing of Robert

    I just finished a new Robert Plant drawing: charcoal drawing on illustration board, 4 hours. hope you all like it!
  15. blair

    zeppelin drawings

    Thanks so much for the compliment! I do strive for a very accurate likeness but not photo-realism. When you view the full size image you can easily see the charcoal strokes-I use charcoal pencils (black and white) on gray illustration board. Actual drawing size is 9 x12, approx. As far as talent goes, it's 5% talent and 95% practice! Of course, I've been drawing all my life...there's always room for improvement! I usually post most of my drawings on DeviantArt, but as I am working on Zep these days, I will post all those drawings here also.
  16. blair

    zeppelin drawings

    It's pretty much a reflection of how I see Jimmy...I guess my portraits say how I feel about him better than I could ever put into words. I'm really glad you like it! I came across some great recent photos of him, so I'll post those drawings when I finish them. I love his white hair.
  17. blair

    zeppelin drawings

    Thanks!! Jimmy deserves my best effort, absolutely!
  18. blair

    zeppelin drawings

    Thanks! As you can tell, Jimmy's my favorite, but I'll be drawing the other guys also. Finding good large sharp photos is the challenge. I'm glad you like it!
  19. blair

    zeppelin drawings

    Here's one of my recent Jimmy Page drawings: I have more on my DeviantArt account: http://cblair.deviantart.com/gallery/
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