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  1. Uhm, where? I still didn't find that much on the forum...
  2. Thanks a bunch! Any info about the instrument?
  3. Hi! This is not a where, when or who question, but a what... What instrument is Jimmy playing? Is this a Mandoloncello? Anybody knows? Oh, btw, I can't find the mystery-thread (am I too stupid?) Can somebody give me the link?
  4. Alex, lovely as always! I really like his eyes and hair in this one! Great again! DMachine, absolutely amazing work! I wish I had the patience to draw something like that someday! JohnPaulJesus, those drawings of yours are great! Especially the White Dragon Suit Jimmy got a lot of dynamics. Keep them drawings coming, please!
  5. Thanks so much I had a lot of fun drawing this!
  6. Thanksss! Ohkay, here's the promised Valentine's Day Drawing, I did for a contest on dA. That idea came really quickly... I only had to think about it for seconds, then the dialogue and all the other stuff popped up in my mind. I drew that on the last day of my skiing holidays. Bonzo's shirt is supposed to be the one with the peacock feathers, but I had no reference photo to work of and I wanted to finish this drawing. Ohkay, Jimmy is holding a book - I don't know what book it is. I just didn't want to leave his hand empty, so I put a black book inside. Uhm...Bonzo seems to want to know what book it is, because he reaches for it. Now to "Lupercalia"... It was a Roman Feast on Feb 15th... Supposedly, Valentin from Termi died on that day (somewhen in the 3rd century) and who knows why Christianity took that day (got something to do a with a poem by Chaucer)... If you're interested, look it up ^^ (But I had to let Jimmy say something like that ^^) And I guess you all know about the Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929 (Bugs Moran and Al Capone). It too is portrayed in Billy Wilder's "Some like it Hot" (Gangster's names are "Spats Colombo" and "Toothpick Charlie", oh my, I love this film!) In fact I don't really care about Valentine's Day. I just wanted to enter the contest and got that idea... I hope you like it!
  7. That's great, Aen! I love how you did his eyes, they're so bright! And his physique so elegant...
  8. Heyo! Well, well, well, I did this long before Christmas. It was a drawing for a T-Shirt I gave to Martina as a birthday present on Jan 14th. Well, Jimmy playing "In my Time of Dying" '75 in Earl's Court. I just love it how he moves while playing that song... Sorry for the weird angle of his left arm, but I couldn't manage to draw it differently... This is the t-shirt I gave Martina on her birthday. Left is front-side of the t-shirt, right the back side - I had the text of "In my Time of Dying" printed on the back side. The drawing above is now in a "frame" and given to Martina as well. She loves the t-shirt! (At least, this is what she tries to convince me of ^^) A sort of "Valentine's Day" drawing will follow this week... (just to tell you, I'm not a fan of the valentine's day, but I'm in a contest on dA and had this wonderful idea to draw...)
  9. I just know exactly what you mean ^^
  10. Great one, Alex! I love how you always capture his mystique
  11. Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun drawing this (except the Black Beauty... Black guitars are just so hard to colour...)
  12. Choosing one song is hard... I picked "Sick Again", I don't know why. Second would probably be IMTOD and third The Rover... But I love all of these songs!
  13. Hey, people! Good work! Here's mine: Ok, Jimmy's birthday! I did this on his birthday on Saturday around noon and wanted to post it directly afterwards, but then the internet was dying on me. It’s now Monday I know, but it is the first time the internet works for more than just two minutes and I hope long enough for me to post it finally… Stupid Internet… Ohkay, exactly 40 years ago (on Saturday...) was the gig in the Royal Albert Hall - Jimmy's 26th birthday. So this was drawn in remembrance of it - and also in remembrance of his Black Beauty, which he lost shortly afterwards. (by the way, I noticed on Sunday, that the body of the Black Beauty is too small...) Uhm, the pose with the Whiskey glass didn't happen on stage... But I wanted to draw him with the guitar and he played it on the three encores. Just imagine the four boys going out and celebrating his birthday after the concert ^^ So, well, Happy 66th Birthday, Mr. Page! I hope he'll stay well (and tours ^^ and comes to Austria) and gorgeous and all! I had a drink on him Saturday night at the Laurel Leaf that night (or two...or three...) Have fun with it!
  14. Thanks a lot!! I'm sorry that you always have to read, that I think my drawings are bad. I'll try to stop saying I screwed this thing up and screwed that thing up... Ohhkay, tomorrow I need to have a Jimmy drawing finished (I still lack ideas )
  15. So, my birthday drawing for Jonesy... Oh well... I screwed it up totally... It doesn't look like him at all and he doesn't get through... I could cry! I'm ashamed of myself for even posting it here for his birthday, but I didn't have the nerve to try again... I'm so sorry for providing you with work I don't even like myself... But, anyway... Happy 64th, Mr. Jones! Oh, I intended his hairstyle to be January 1970, so actually my drawing is for his 24th birthday... What present it might be, he has in his hand...?
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