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  1. My first concert ever: The Firm, April? 1985 Rosemont Horizon, Chicago Illinois.
  2. That was the first thing I thought of. Not because I remember seeing the show on TV with my sister, when everyone was starved for Zep news, but I just saw the Dave Edmonds youtube link the other day on these boards. great song.
  3. Yeah, The NYC Arms concert footage on Youtube seems fantastic. And Jimmy seems on fire. Very interested in feedback from that specific show.
  4. Other than youtube, is there any way to get concert footage/audio of the US legs of this tour?
  5. glicine, Going from memeory here. When the Honeydrippers EP came out, robert was on "Rockline" (?) where he spoke about Heart performing Rock&Roll. If I remember correctly he said that he wanted to join them on stage, but decided against it. If I had to put a year on this interview, I'd guess late 1984. Hope this helps.
  6. Depending on my mood I'd have to go with these in order of preference: Bron-Yr-Aur Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp In my time of dying Wearing and Tearing
  7. Let me correct myself. He wore a German SS officers hat (you can tell by the silver chord and skull on brim), It is impossible to tell on pants and boots, gonna say no, they are not original or german army reproduction. Looked up the 4-10-77 concert pictures on this site. Also a couple cool ones (one on the plane with him holding some girl) by googling jimmy page 1977. You tube had the milwaukee concert on a while back. Wife and I would tease the kids and tell them that we were on youtube. We were the tiny dots above Jimmy's left shoulder. Thanks again steve.
  8. Oh yeah, and Jimmy did wear a German officers hat, with Wehrmacht emblam (swastika) on it. Think he also had a white scarf. I'll do some fact finding. thanks again.
  9. That's it, 1995! I was gonna call the wife and ask her to start reading tshirts! to find out. Great Concert. If anyone has a chance to see a concert at the Bradley Center, do it. A very personal venue. Bands seem more informal there too. I saw the differences in the Stones one summer between the Chicago United Center and the Bradley center in Milwaukee. More fun in Milwaukee. Thanks Steve.
  10. OK, This is how we tie it all together. We went from Jimmy Page's necklace pendant to swastikas, swasticas to harley davidsons in milwaukee, harleys to German Army motorcycles, motorcycles to coke a cola and fanta, fanta to Nazis. Stick with me on this: Steve (doin' this from memory, correct where wrong): Wasn't it in the 1977 tour that Jimmy Page wore a black Tshirt, German Army officer's hat, German Army Pants and Boots? That was in Chicago no? Now fast forward to the 1996? 1998? Page and Plant shows. I couldn't get tickets for Chicago so I saw them in Milwaukee. When they played "How many more times" Plant introduced it by saying "how about some harley davidson jazz milwaukee?" (or something like that). The night ended with me eating white castle burgers in the backseat of a car while drinking, you guessed it; jack and coke. Yes, this is a true story, don't remember the exact year though.
  11. Sorry dude, Harley Davidson did not make the motorcycles of the German Army. Most were made by BMW. That is not to say that there were not captured ones used. But for me to believe that Harley contracted out motorcycles to the Wehrmacht, I'd have to see your source.
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