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  1. Yep, still enjoyable. The crowd seemed very pleased too.
  2. Maybe because it is still "fresh" to me, but I love this version, and this video. I always felt that Jimmy was a "raw" player, mistakes and all so to speak. Thanks for posting, I'll enjoy it again.
  3. Steve: I wish I had the source, but I believe Jimmy was referring to the night in Chicago (he would want those flags etc). There was also a big deal about it. Along the lines of "Jimmy wears Nazi Uniform onstage" and the sort. My sister was at the concert, and she was much older than me at the time.
  4. For some reason, I really enjoy the early 1980's Jimmy Page. Probably because it is the least covered. Thanks to all. Shame this was only a one time event.
  5. Staying on topic, I think the other singer WAS Robert.
  6. My first concert ever: The Firm, April? 1985 Rosemont Horizon, Chicago Illinois.
  7. I read (many years ago, somewhere) that Page said that he was an artist and that he would also have a Japanese flag and Confederate Flag on stage. Going from memory here, and no, don't remember the source. (Hit Parade or Cream?). Let me know if I'm wrong.
  8. Anyone have any information when Jimmy was with this band or why it was only an offshoot? Thanks in advance.
  9. Sorry to ask, but what were the personal problems in 2006?
  10. I'll admit, that argument pretty much torpedoes my theory. Good Post.
  11. Not disagreeing with anyone. I'm putting it in the perspective of a thirteen year old being an ignorant fan. Nothing really substantial was ever written about "the history" of Zeppelin, before Hammer of the Gods. A not very good history at that. If I gave the impression that Zeppelin needed rumors or mystories TO sell albums then I apologize. I have tried to say that the music has always spoke for itself. Outside of Cream Magazine, Hit Parade, there was only an occasional article on them when I was ten years old. I was too young to see them, and by highschool they were done. So, I
  12. This topic should be moved to a new thread, "the business side of Zeppelin" or something. I know that the band negotiated an incredible deal with Atlantic when they first formed. I know that they were granted incredible lisence to pursue their art. The music had to stand on it's own to be sold, not disputing that. I am just saying that the rumors, parties, mysteries, added to the popularity of the band. Here's another example: Chicago 1977, Jimmy wore Nazi uniform parts while on stage. He said it was for art. Sure, but how many posters and tshirts were sold with the "Jimmy Stormtro
  13. This topic should end with this last point: Please do not tell me that the mystery, intrigue, rumors, and symbolism of the band did not add to their popularity when most of us have these same symbols either in our user names or tattooed on our bodies. The band, to their credit, used this to market themselves and their merchandise. Good for them. It was the best music ever and they deserved to be paid for it, however it was sold.
  14. "Dude they are so cool they didn't even put their name on it" See the marketing point now? Even better, they didn't put their name on their best album. It is pure genious from a sales standpoint.
  15. Wrong. Jimmy produced everyone of their albums. The contracts with Atlantic stated that Zeppelin had control of everything in regards to an albums release, including album cover art. They even got so big that they formed their own album label-thus Swan Song records and tapes.
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