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  1. I see thanks, I thought it was some sort of cloudy emerald.
  2. What kind of stone do you think his green necklace is made out of?
  3. Do you guys know of any shows when Page broke a string during their live performances? I know of one, March 14 1969 in Stockholm; are there any others out there? I'll be much obliged.
  4. 6-7-77 Rawhide, such a nice version. Badgeholder's had a nice version too.
  5. Tea for One, Houses of the Holy, Wearing and Tearing, When the Levee Breaks, and they could have played Four Sticks more than just one time.
  6. I'm pretty sure they opened for Alice Cooper for their Whiskey A Go Go, but that's pretty well known...
  7. 9-29-71 is good, but the night before was really good too. Entitled "Please Please Me" because Percy sings bits of Please Please Me and From Me To You, as well as We Shall Overcome.
  8. Ten Years Gone, Going to California, As Long as I Have You, and Sick Again.
  9. Southampton, Common Complaint in Japan, and Deep Throat are a few good sounding ones.
  10. "Rawhide", "St. Louis Blues", or "Common Complaint in Japan, Rice in the Hair". Great stuff.
  11. I have rare mp3's, but not records. I have clips of Led Zeppelin in 1968, before Gonzaga. They where is Denmark, or Sweden and had just been starting to be called Led Zeppelin rather than the New Yardbirds.
  12. Knowing that I'm Losing You. The early version of Tangerine. Very pretty.
  13. 1. Going to California 2. Battle of Evermore 3. Misty Mountain Hop 4. Black Dog 5. When the Levee Breaks 6. Stairway to Heaven 7. Rock and Roll 8. Four Sticks
  14. I would be in the middle...they haven't been sell outs yet. It doesn't matter if Aerosmith and Metallica have their own versions. Led Zep doesn't need to release games to keep the attention of the crowds. And they definitly don't need to be on guitar hero to be better than all the other bands either.
  15. I've always liked his hair when he was a Yardie, but early 70's were very nice.
  16. Wedding: Thank You Tangerine Ten Years Gone Boogie with Stu (Something to dance to) Out on the Tiles Funeral: Your Time is Gonna Come (I like the organ lol)
  17. Best Live: When the Levee Breaks Going to California Whole Lotta Love (Gotta love the theremin) Dancing Days Worst Live: Tangerine- the solo is sweet on the album, but Pagey beefs it up live. That's the Way- never really liked the song
  18. I love Going to California, and Battle of Evermore, especailly when Jonesy sings along during the live version. Misty Mountain Hop is also fun.
  19. Hendrix was good...but Pagey is way more inovative.
  20. The Lemon Song! Really nice, I've also love Bron Yur Stomp. Shows that Pagey can rock out on an acoustic too.
  21. Yeah, every night. Put my iPod on shuffle and dream about them. Sometimes the Dazed and Confused from Madison Square Garden keeps me up though...
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