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    My favourite things at the moment...<br /><br />The Hunchback of Notre Dame<br />Peanut Butter<br />Final Fantasy II<br />Garfield <br />Sherlock Holmes<br />Cocoa<br />David Coverdale<br /><br />...and ALWAYS Led Zeppelin!
  1. hi there, it's nice to see Zep fans all over the world. :)I've never been to Dublin before, but my mom's been there twice, and says it's beautiful.

  2. I'm not what? Seriously, why and what would I lie about? I've read some of your posts Evster2012 and they're very interesting and you're cleary a big fan and know what you're talking about so that's cool. I totally understand your point about this thread and I think it's good that there's the 'Cool pics' thread now. Sorry to anyone who's bothered by any of what I said and I look forward to replying to lots of other topics about the actual music for a change! haha ...Seriously though, I'm not what? A JP fan or a girl? cause I'm both, not that it's a big deal or really matters anyway, but yeah, this is a cool forum and it's great to be among fellow minded fanatics!
  3. Thanks for the welcome everyone! Phew... you girls/guys have posted some incredible pictures! mmm... I'm now thinking of wallpapering my bedroom with printouts from here...
  4. Hi all! I have to say I think this thread is fantastic! I love coming here to get new pictures for my desktop I'm new here and fairly new to the music of Led Zeppelin as well, having 'discovered' them just over a year ago while in college. As a music student I have a great passion for a very wide range of music from Baroque to 20th century minimalism and just about everything that's brilliant in between, including Zeppelin. In fact in my opinion they composed and performed some of the finest minimalist music of the past 40 years, and I include art music in that. My point is that I love to talk about the best and most influential songs and solos in Zeppelin's catalogue, and how they fused blues, folk, rock, jazz, eastern traditional and art music in their work, and how Jimmy can play atonal passages with a violin bow (I play the violin myself, though somewhat poorly) on an electric guitar and make it sound wonderful. Yes, I love discussions and threads on those topics, I'm even thinking of starting one on the modal soundscape of some of their songs such as White Summer, BUT I'm also a Pagette! And I'm not ashamed of it haha So come on, this thread is called 'Hot pics of Jimmy' - What do you expect? This is a fansite after all, and one for a band that isn't even current, we're all fans here and appreciate the many facets of this incredible band. Give us Pagettes a break, it's just a bit of fun, you don't have to read the comments if you don't want to. There's plenty of other places on this site you can discuss things other than Jimmy's electric hotness... I do understand everyone's point of view but I just wanted to share mine.
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