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  1. Thanks Steve..that's pretty much what I thought..I wasn't sure if member 666 may have been removed and not available...wasn't Jimmys book 666 taken by Jimmy?
  2. Steve..I'm not sure how much of a mystery this is.. more of a curiosity I think. Do you know if any members of the band are members of this forum? Any idea who numbers 1-4 may be? Or member 666? I have always wondered...just curious.
  3. Steve, I was wondering if anyone in the band ever had "regular" jobs before music like the rest of us? My apologies if this has been previously covered.
  4. Give A Little Bit..Supertramp..Even In The Quietest Moments
  5. Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye..Audioslave..Revelations
  6. Lord Is It Mine..Supertramp..Breakfast In America I love this song
  7. On a different topic but still Bonham related, this is in today's Toronto Sun. Plant, Bonham kept apart by wife Robert Plant was once banned from hanging out with wildman John Bonham because the drummer's wife thought the singer was a bad influence. The late Bonham's wife Pat didn't care for Plant and tried to stop her husband from spending time with him. The Led Zeppelin rocker recalls, "His wife Pat had banned me from being anywhere near John, because it meant financial doom and distress on all levels. "In her Black Country brogue, Pat would say, 'Don't go near Planty, it's all gonna go t**s up'."
  8. Drifting..Jimi Hendrix..First Rays Of The New Rising Sun
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