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  1. Thanks Steve..that's pretty much what I thought..I wasn't sure if member 666 may have been removed and not available...wasn't Jimmys book 666 taken by Jimmy?
  2. Steve..I'm not sure how much of a mystery this is.. more of a curiosity I think. Do you know if any members of the band are members of this forum? Any idea who numbers 1-4 may be? Or member 666? I have always wondered...just curious.
  3. We are almost there my friends!!....I think
  4. I see no numbers anymore on my Blackberry!B
  5. Doing the night shift..I'm going to wait and see what happens
  6. Miller is the man..Sabres need to play with more emotion and stop giving the puck away! GO SABRES!!
  7. Bills loose again . I honestly don't think they are as bad as the record shows.
  8. No I haven't been watching. I would rather stick a sharp object in my eye .
  9. Thankfully it was a bye week and I didn't have to get upset watching them
  10. I am hoping that my beloved Bills can get the first overall pick this year. It pains me to see them playing this way.
  11. Went to see the Sabres Habs game last night. The Sabres played with no sense of urgency until late in the third. By then it was to late!! I like it when a game is a bit chippy and is rough and played on the edge. THIS GAME HAD NONE OF THAT!!! Buffalo will be in trouble if they don't start playing with some passion...and soon. On a brighter note the Leafs are STILL undefeated . Is it just me or are all Fab fans the most obnoxious in the league. Cant stand them. As always GO LEAFS GO!!!
  12. Maple Leafs are looking much better so far this season. GO LEAFS GO!!!
  13. The Bills looked horrible yesterday. That's all i can say. Wake me up when the season is over .
  14. I am a dog lover as well but the man has done his time for his crime. Sometimes life isn't fair. Go Eagles!!! And Go Bills!!! (even though you might not win a game this year)
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