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  1. A song that we never talk about: A STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN... did anyone heard about it?
  2. Blowin in the wind - Bob Dylan
  3. ^did you understand this game? No woman no cry - Bob Marley
  4. +/-, I'm from BraSil , (Recife, pra ser mais exato)
  5. Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart - Johnny Cash
  6. You look like a Brasilian singer, Oswaldo Montenegro
  7. Try caipirinha, and you also can use vodka, if you don't have Cachaça, but we call it "caipiroska"...
  8. Rum, crushed lemons, sugar, mint, carbonated water and picked ice a delicious cuban cocktail
  9. ^love it, Viva Cuba!!!! Talking about drinking, i just don't drink gasoline... But my fave is, really, Cachaça:
  10. GioBrasil

    Photos !

    Talking about Cristo Redentor, the "statue in Rio"
  11. Good day sunshine - The Beatles
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