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  1. river deep mountain righ - Ike & Tina Turner
  2. Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad - Grateful Dead
  3. Take me home, country roads - John Denver
  4. Baby Let Me Take You Home - The Animals
  5. Thanks God, it's not "total eclipse of the heart", by Bonnie Tyler
  6. Paula Toller, Brasilian singer
  7. Never say die - Black Sabbath
  8. Yep, sometimes translator aren't perfect... For example, fan (mechanical), or fan (someone who loves an artist or same), same word, but two differents things, and, in portuguese we have "ventilador" (to first case) and "fã" (to second case), once some one here asked me: "Você é Ventilador de F1?" (Are you F1 ?) :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical:
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