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  1. the fact that he dident Muffle his bass drum and because of its size it sounded soo hevy, and not to menchin loud as hell lol
  2. i just gotDrum Techniques of Led Zeppelin, its a great a great book, and it has realy cleard up alot of songs fore me if u want 2 play a zep cover perfict id recomend u get it
  3. lol ofcoes and my colecton is still growing and i have 5 zep albums on vinyl- witch in my opinyon blows cds out of the water
  4. wow a hard quston but im guna have to go with Dazed and Confused, page looks almost possessed when he uses the bow
  5. when after you put your zep colecton on your ipod thats barly aney room fore aneything ells at the moment i have about 100 zep songs, not icluding my 2 live dvds
  6. lol thanks that will be much eser then trying to play thos triplets with 1 foot
  7. i no how u feal but dont wory music fallos a patern. some one cums up with sumthing original people are influenced by him evetualy that "style" get to the point ware its anoying so thare is a counter movment, thats the simpulset way 2 discribe it im just to lazy right now to explane it to the fulesy but i think u can get the idea
  8. ooo ok that makes more sence i wish i knew that like a month ago how did i miss that..... one of my favret things about bonhams playing is what he leavs out
  9. THANK YOU to maney drummers that i no dont get y thay cant use a dubble-pedal when playing zep
  10. hey im having truble with the bass drum triplets, i think it might be because i have a bad habit of using the Heel-toe technique, i like the feal and it works good in my bands original songs, but when i go to do triplets im like a little bit off, aney advise
  11. ya i iv red sooo maney articuls about this,im pritty shour iv seen the u r refrincing lol, Tolkien hated Wagner fore personal resons, so oveosly hes not guna say he ws insperd by him.... im im not saying that he defently was im just putting the idea out thare, its sumthing 2 think about(expeshuly if you are a music nerd like me)lol
  12. ok look up lessons on youtube, look up Dom Famularo, and dan brit. also just watch videos and lison 2 music, id recomend u lising 2 some bluse and jazz cuz thats like ware it all started. also practic on the pad alot!! i give privet drum lessons and the boring rudements will make u a much better drummer
  13. ok i heard that when recording bonham sometims lined the incide of his bass drum with tin foile?? it sounds cinda weard 2 me aney one no aneything about this?
  14. ya!!! btw- i think every drummer should check out Dom Famularo, he is probably one of the greates drum teachers of all time and he has some great lessons on youtube...im lucky enuph 2 have a drum teacher who studied with him
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