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  1. Whoa, I have never seen this one before. Very cool, very insightful.
  2. One of my favorite shows, they also had a nice version of Tangerine with a touch of funny in the beginning.
  3. The Warhead Challenge: how long can you last? -Me: About eighteen seconds, the majority of which contained no vocals. That list needs to be updated Not only saying this "band" specifically, but "bands" in general that have the singer doing what ever it is you call that ^^^^ Serenity NOW! I think I just grew a tumor listening to that
  4. Very juicy But being the greedy little monster that I am, could I safely assume there is more than just the three minutes shown?
  5. The top Google suggestions for "who invented..." has toilet #2
  6. Winamp has been good to me so far
  7. Japan 1971-09-23 became my favorite as soon as I listened to it. It seriously is non-stop thrill.
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