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  1. pssh his live vocals were second to none in the early days. His live vocals were much more raw, real, and intense. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaxozFyAxpg&list=PL546CA64138966C13
  2. The debate seems more about who should've taken the majority of the credit. Jimmy wrote the Jimmy parts; Jeff wrote the Jeff parts. They both acknowledge each other's claims.
  3. "Always bet on Jimmy" Jimmy Page Forever Yeah that would look good.
  4. Meh , sounds more like Jimmy's fingers are not fretting properly than anything else. His "Sticky Fingers Syndrome" must've hit him hard this tour . His mind was running at the same time his hands were trying to jump.
  5. Yupter

    "LA"? Drone

    Lots of possibilities to consider, but nothing definite. I'll keep my eye firmly on this thread though.
  6. Yupter

    "LA"? Drone

    It's rather strange to identify Long Beach as LA even though it is part of LA County. I guess if they played in Escondido (San Diego County) the drone might have been called "SD Drone" or "San Diego Drone". ... Which, in that alternate universe, I'd still be making a thread about my confusion
  7. Yupter

    "LA"? Drone

    I'm still confused at what the "LA" is suppose to represent though. It couldn't possibly mean Los Angeles as both the wiki and album's liner notes say Long Beach.
  8. Yupter

    "LA"? Drone

    Inconclusive findings. Probably a mislabel.
  9. Yupter

    "LA"? Drone

    Even though it says Long Beach is it in fact Los Angeles? I had seen this when I searched the forums, very interesting stuff.
  10. What does the "LA" in "LA Drone" stand for on the "How The West Was Won" album?
  11. MadScreamingGallery said it best about how Plant wants the people listening to the music. Not only enjoying themselves but listening as well. And they can't very well listen to the performance while screaming, whistling, and/or shouting over the songs. That's all really, Plant sometimes would say things only those around him would understand. He's just having his own personal fun I suppose Having a few boots myself, lots of Plant's Plantations make me think, "What?"
  12. I was about to post this in the "Unrelated Places" thread. Also, what does this mean? Is Jimmy trying to subliminally tell us something?
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