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  1. I'll post some of my current favorite bands that I've been listening to a lot lately. Pygmy Lush - The offspring from the punk band called Pg. 99. Led Zeppelin fans might dig this band. They play a rather depressive style of Folk music. http://www.imeem.com/people/HMHpBUe/music/...y-lush-asphalt/ Maudlin of the Well - They're similar to Opeth in the whole ambient/jazzy/metal sense. Very talented musicians. Pg. 99 - I'll never get tired of this band. They're sort of a "like it or don't like it" deal as the vocals can easily turn people off. They are unique blend of Grindcore/Screamo/Punk. Really eerie/ambient stuff... The Stone Roses - Older band, but overlooked. They pretty much influenced the bands that would start the whole Brit-Rock trend in the 90's. They play a throwback style to the 60's. Brit-Pop, with some Psychedelic influences. At the Drive-In - Cedric and Omar's earlier group (The Mars Volta), with more of a punk feel. I personally prefer these guys over the latter incarnation. Meshuggah - For the Metal fans out there. They play a complex, but heavy style of Extreme Metal. Drummers should also check out the bass work on this song. Mickey Newbury - An extremely overlooked Country/Folk song writer. Some of the most spine tingling moments I've ever heard come from this man. I'll post some more later...
  2. True, but TONS... and I mean TONS of power plants would crumble and you'd be back to square one all over again.
  3. In theory it sounds nice, but the biggest reason I believe it remains to be illegal is not because of stereotypes, but because it threatens the plastics, paper, and various chemical corporations. A lot of companies banded together to prevent the heavy competition from hemp growers.
  4. I'm not saying it's wrong to have a preference for a certain of music, but don't shun something simply because it doesn't fit your norm. With the internet at our disposal, there's no reason for anyone not to at least check something out before they make unfounded accusations.
  5. Bringing up mainstream bands like Nirvana and Led Zeppelin is a good way to get attention, but his intentions weren't that bad. He's basically mocking the close-mindedness that runs rampant throughout the country. Personally, I can't stand people that are stuck in a certain time period and are unwilling to move on. I'm always looking towards the future, but that's just me.
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    I like some of their earlier stuff, but they get really repetitive and boring after a while.
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