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  1. Something like this? http://ledzeppelinsw..._I_T_Shirt.html
  2. Rain Song for sure- that song is epic. Over the Hills and Far Away comes a close second though. Tough choice though.
  3. Great article. I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Impressive. I like the Jimmy action figure! never seen that before. Here's my contribution. My wife got me this for my birthday last year
  5. Alex Lifeson (Rush) talked about Jimmy Page being his biggest influence in this June 1980 Guitar Player interview: ... "Page was probably my greatest influence early on,"affirmed Alex Lifeson of the durable Canadian trio Rush. "Rush startedjust a little before the time Led Zeppelin came out, and when I heardthe first album, I thought, 'They're doing just the things we want todo; they have the sound we want to have.' And if we were that good, wecould have played like that too, if you know what I mean." ... Alex also mentions his admiration of Page and how he finally got to meet his hero
  6. Alex Lifeson.. with Joe Perry a close second
  7. Speaking of Zep close encounters, saw this over at a Rush site: http://www.rushisaband.com/display.php?id=1932 (toward bottom of post). Talks about Alex Lifeson being a fan of Page and vice versa. Alex met Jimmy a few years back and was starstruck. Alex said this in a 2006 Guitar Player interview: I believe Geddy Lee met Robert Plant not too long ago and had a similar experience.
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