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  1. I have to go to some CD release party in the NYC, before heading down to the Halloween Parade. I'm an Obama fan and I thought the Obama/Osama crap was hilariously ridiculous so my costume plan was to buy an Obama mask and a long beard, put the beard over the mask and wear a turban and walk around like that. I'd probably get stoned in less than .5 seconds in NYC, though. I think I'll just stick with wearing a wig of some sort.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Peace.

  3. I don't believe Led Zeppelin. As Hickory Man said, they helped to shape the genre of metal sound without actually contributing to the genre as a band. Unlike Hickory Man though, I feel wholeheartedly that Black Sabbath is metal, as they were the first true doom metal band and made doom metal possible. So a great thanks to them. Even though this isn't relevant at all, haha.
  4. I'm not usually one to post pictures of myself, but just because I'm a new member I will. I'll never stop loving hemp: I'm actually quite blind: Darth Vader has pink hair and is Italian, donchyakno:
  5. Hey, everyone. I'm Amanda. Looks like a nice haven here for the Zep fan in all of us. Honestly, I haven't been listening to them that much, but then recently... BOOM; I rediscovered just how masterful they are. How are all of you lovely people?
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