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  1. Back after a long hiatus

    1. Starbreaker


      As of about a week ago

  2. Hey! :D Wishing you a very happy birthday! Hope you have a great one! Cheers! :D

  3. Thank you very much! :)

  4. Hi! Welcome to the forums!

  5. Waiting for more people to show up on these forums

  6. Hi! :) Thanks for the friend request! :D

  7. Counting down to Halo: Reach being released

  8. Coming along nicely thanks. Listening to them so far they seem accurate. But I have yet to try to play them (I had shoulder surgery in late December) so we'll see. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed :)

  9. Thanks for the add - how is the tab book checking going?

  10. Hey, thanks for adding me! And hello to you from the south :D

  11. Hi Starbreaker! Greetings from the North!

  12. Hi thanks for adding me as a friend!

  13. Is your name by chance a referance to Judas Priest's first album?

  14. Happy B-Day! Gotta love those December birthdays.

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