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  1. Yo Ronzo, just noticed your post. just thought I would say hi. Really cool that you are just down the road from me. Maybe about a half hour drive. Enjoy the board.
  2. Hi Jukin. I agree alot with what you say. Bonzo in alot of ways was the core of the band. But the same can and has been said about JPJ. anyway welcome. And by the way, its good to see someone from my neck of the woods. I am just down the road from ya right outside of Scranton.
  3. I agree, it can be really addicting. I got my first at 39 and my next at 40. Good for you. It is never to late to do what makes YOU happy.
  4. Nice HotPlant. Very nice. I was just wondering, how long did it take? I have the symbols along with the swan song emblem on my upper arm. Smaller of course but five hours. The detail for Icarus was the main reason.
  5. I would have to agree with NickZepp. His finger was IMO, a factor. Dont know about the curfew, who would have the guts to ticket the band after such an important event.
  6. I won a copy of the cd Tiny music songs from the vatican gift shop. I thought it was pretty good. Cant help ya with the song your looking for. sorry.
  7. All i got was your a true fan awesome job. I think it was way too easy.
  8. Good flick. I thought Reese really did a good job as June. T Bone did a good job with the soundtrack as well.
  9. That would be For your life. One of my many favs. Maybe you missed it. It is typed in as soon as the page opens.
  10. I did not know the connection. My fave band and one of my fave movies. What are the odds?
  11. snail first time. Bobcat on my 2nd time. Pretty cool.
  12. I do not even know where to begin. I never hold much stock in critics opinions, but if this is for real the guys is a total idiot. I know presence did not do as well as some others I really like it. Bonzo dragging the band down? What the hell was this goof thinking? Oh well to each his own.
  13. Maybe Cheap Trick. Heart - dunno. As for Journey, no way.
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