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  1. Despite being their most enormously popular album oddly enough it didn't go to # 1 on the Billboard charts. What prevented it ?
  2. In 1986 when JP was on Rockline promoting the second Firm album one caller asked him what it meant and his reply was "That's a secret and I'll tell you when I meet you".
  3. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Since JP played Zep and Whitesnake tunes on Coverdale/Page's only tour in Japan and Paul did Free and Bad Co with Queen then the Firm should have dabbled in performing Zep, Free, and Bad Co songs. It's what gets the crowd going. Paul's solo album Cut Loose was a good album but do the audience really want to hear that or the past classics?
  4. I saw The Firm 2 times in 85 and I think the biggest mistake they made was not playing any material from Jimmy's and Paul's past bands. The audience apeared to be very bored and lifeless at the shows. However for those of us who missed out on seeing Zep live in the 70's it was our opportunity to finally get to see JP live.
  5. I'm new here so I don't know if this was covered anyway why the song Houses Of The Holy didn't appear on the album that the song is titled after. This is one thing that I think Zep were pioneers of by putting the title track of a album on a subsequent album. Later on you had Queen with Sheer Heart Attack which appeared on News Of The World, Def Leppard with On Through The Night appearing on High n Dry, and Dokken with Back For The Attack. There might have been some other bands who did this but I guess Zep were the first if I'm not wrong.
  6. I'm going Friday at MSG. Curious about the setlist.
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