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  1. Back around 2007, after recently being to a Who concert, I was looking through my dad's iTunes trying to think of which band would put on the best show. Every band, Stones, Beatles, Hendrix, Clapton, Who..., had some great songs, but they always had some that I skipped to the next song. Going through Led Zeppelin, knowing some of their most famous songs but not a lot, I realized that they really didn't have a bad song. I have hooked since!
  2. Move this to the News forum! This is the biggest news in a while and very exciting! I knew it would show up in my lifetime if not Jimmy's. What do you do with a stolen guitar? Hide it in your basement for 40 years?
  3. Post it in the mysteries with StevenAJones he know everything!
  4. I tried to do both. Im not sure if they worked though. Its a pretty common t shirt. http://ledzeppelin.shop.bravadousa.com/Product.aspx?cp=733_3657&pc=BGCTLZ42
  5. I have a blue almost turquise t shirt with all 4 faces and rays shooting out it is in the usa tshirt section and has asian writing on it. Where and when is it from?
  6. Haha kind of but i mean how was it stolen? Where was it stolen like at the airport? Did they ever find the guy? Did he ever get it back?
  7. Hey forgive me if this is already in hear but what happened to jimmys Gibson "Black Beauty" Les Paul. Jimmy used it a lot with the Yardbirds, and during the '70 tour. It was equipped with a Bigsby vibrato arm. (I didn't hear him using it much, though). It was stolen during the '70 tour, in April, while going to Canada. Jimmy issued an ad in Rolling Stone, but he never got it back. serial #: 06130
  8. Yah there is tons of bullshit out there on the web. Sometimes i read it and once this guy was so anti zeppelin he said that they literally told the fans to worship the devil! Now i have seen tsrts quite a few times and i dont recall that. Just goes to show how unreliable some sources are!
  9. Ya the black suit is from 75 and the white one 77. He lent one of them to the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland but only for a short period. He still has them.
  10. Ya they were for a period in 68 but if thats what he is referring to i win cause that is obvious.
  11. Yah i looked at some of those. Anyway steve settle a bet me vs my dad. In cronological order not including session work it was the band he was in at 14, the band he was in at around 17 or so sorry i cant remember the names as they are not very well known, art college, the yardbirds, then led zeppelin. My dad insists that there was a band inbetween the yardbirds and led zeppelin. He says he read it on wikipedia or something. But is there a band that is mystery to me or is my dad dreaming? If there are any other bands he was with prior to zep please tell me! Thanks!
  12. Hey wondering if anyone has the bootleg of zurich 1980? Its consiered their best 1980 show except kashmir. I want to hear the kashmir so if anyone has a link thatd be great.
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