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  1. Back around 2007, after recently being to a Who concert, I was looking through my dad's iTunes trying to think of which band would put on the best show. Every band, Stones, Beatles, Hendrix, Clapton, Who..., had some great songs, but they always had some that I skipped to the next song. Going through Led Zeppelin, knowing some of their most famous songs but not a lot, I realized that they really didn't have a bad song. I have hooked since!
  2. #1 Kashmir O2 #2 Kashmir O2 #3 Kashmir O2 If you are counting live. He killed Kashmir at the reunion!
  3. Where did the Nazi picture go? I saw it a week ago and can't find it now. I went through all the pages a few times but still cant find it. Am I missing it or was it the post edited/removed?
  4. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed the extra Zep tunes on the radio thanks to you. You have aged so well.
  5. So he used his number 1 a lot more than his number 2 in the 70s...does he still use it more now? If so why do you think they replicated his number 2 also other than the modifications?
  6. Move this to the News forum! This is the biggest news in a while and very exciting! I knew it would show up in my lifetime if not Jimmy's. What do you do with a stolen guitar? Hide it in your basement for 40 years?
  7. Post it in the mysteries with StevenAJones he know everything!
  8. Ledzep101


    I think the danelectro worked really well with the phased sound but i agree that the o2 modified lp was the best. It had the raw power during the main riff and the thin phased sound for the cascade riff!
  9. Post specific questions in the mysteries by steven a jones forum but i have this one. Nothing on robert though but i havent searched for it very hard im to tired :/ http://www.led-zeppelin.org/reference/gear/index.php
  10. Ya if i was driving him around (not that i can drive yet anyway) i would have turned straight around and ran right into a tree or something!
  11. Can we get it on here please! I would still like to read it.
  12. I watched the "in the evening" video from knebworth this morning because i remember at the end when robert is talking a fan interupts him and yells " happy birthday robert plant!". Happy Birthday
  13. When im about to get my drivers liscence and ive saved up about 8,000 all my life for a car and i might buy jimmys black beauty instead.
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