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  1. i only ask because jonesy's and bonzo's faces are classic
  2. is in love with this website.

  3. No-one's posted on this thread for ages D: I hope I don't get in trouble for bumping it or anything :/ Here's a picture of Jimmy I drew for a friend of mine a few nights ago (He's not quite finished yet, just a bit of his Jacket left to finish.) Forgive the crappy photo quality, scanner's not working. EDIT: Actually, here's a link to a better quality shot: http://davemustainerules.deviantart.com/art/JP-WIP-169384263?q=1&qo=1
  4. Hey I like your new avi ;)

  5. That last one - I'm in stitches! Found these one's a while back: Pretty sexy, huh?
  6. Yes, I've seen those :) They too, are amazing. Thanks for posting guys I won't give up searching yet!
  7. 'Cause I think it's just amazing. Thankyouuu in advaaance (:
  8. AHHH. That's it. And sorry I didn't have the right name for it, I couldn't think of another way to describe it Thanks for all the pictures everyone. Made my day, hell, my week
  9. OH, that would help. Silly me (: This is only the picture I could find in my clutter picture folder :/ I hope it helps you though.
  10. Does anyone have a picture of the mesh top he wore once? Sorry for lack of details on what show/tour, but I only have about two pictures of the top and I find it incredibly amazing, and I need to see some more! Thankyou for your help. -JPJesus.
  11. Oh, by the way, OH MY GOODNESS YOU'RE AMAZING. That's what I'm working towards, some amazing skill like that
  12. Thankyou D-Machine, Magenta, means alot to me (: (: Here's a bit of a scribbly one I did in Art today
  13. Hello everyone. Amazing drawings, by everyone! I'm new but I saw this thread and I thought, 'I have a few drawings, maybe they'll fit here'. Hope you like them Unfortunately, I never quite finished this one ): I scanned it to show my friend, and then it got wrecked, so this is all I have left of it. I was very proud of this picture Dedicated to my idols.
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