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    Listening to Led Zeppelin and all classic rock, watching and playing sports, and attractive women
  1. That sounds perfect. My fondest memory to any song is to Ten Years Gone. It was my gateway to Zeppelin. Me and my buddy were all kinds of messed up and we air guitared on top of every piece of furniture in his basement to that song, I had already been a fan for a little while at this point, but it was extremely sentimental just like yours. I wouldnt consider myself the same person since that day. Thats when i officially became a Zephead
  2. I have How the West Was Won, I was just gettin in to zeppelin when I bought it, and it was the best $25 purchase of my life. Ive been listenin to zeppelin for a almost a year now, and that album absolutely never gets old. I just imagine what it would have been like to be there.
  3. Ahhhh!!!! this is exactly why I came on here, to find people like you. That is my everyday, zeppelin and mariuana entered my life simultaneously and there has been no turning back. Ive been playing for around 5 months now, but my dad was/is a musician and it just comes so naturally to me, and i absolutely love playin it. Especially just jammin with others
  4. This list is just more evidence that every led zeppelin song is truly great, and that they dont belong in any order. So many great songs, played in so many different styles. Lists are just personal preferences. But to contradict myself for a second...... Stairway #10??!!??!! haha I guess its cuz i didnt get to witness zeppelin in the 70s like most of you guys. So to you Stairway is just another song. But to me its like, Holy/Sacred. Im 18 and have only been listening to zeppelin for not even a year now, but they have changed my life dramatically. I listen to nothing else now. I love, and can find the beauty in every single song of theirs. Jimmy Page is the only reason I ever picked up a guitar, and thanks to him I finally found my calling in life. Before Led Zeppelin placed its full impact on my life I was just like a lost child who had no idea what to do with his life, and now everything is just so clear. Enough rambling though. Figured I would share.... 1. Stairway to Heaven 2. Achilles Last Stand 3. Dazed and Confused 4. Ten Years Gone 5. The Ocean 6. In My Time of Dying 7. The Rover 8. Black Dog 9. Over the Hills and Far Away 10. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
  5. haha yea nothin worse than bein in a car with a bunch of ppl rappin a song youve never even heard before. I just feel out of place sometime, like i belong in the 70s
  6. You are so awesome! ;) Just wanted to say that....

  7. ha yea, I am utterly fascinated by the 70s And coming on here was probly the best thing ever, cuz besides my 3 other friends that listen to zeppelin with me, I dont relate to anyone else at my school really. All they talk about is lil wayne. I just smoke my stuff, sit back, break out the air guitar, and let the zeppelin take me away
  8. Im glad you know what I meant haha But Im a little confused here. So your like my age?
  9. now officially wants to get his hands on every bootleg from 1969-1972

  10. I am 18 just turned it feb 23rd. Idk why it says that i said that, someone else did. i must have accidentally copy and pasted somethin. Ive been a fan for less than a year, and i realized the impact that led zeppelin had on rock and roll and that they were gonna have on the rest of my life just a few short months into my still young and budding led zeppelin love affair *Knebby, i edited the post to make it a little easier to read, the italics are the quote that started this whole conversation, and made me want to write this extremely long post. Now that you understand that, I think the whole thing will be very easy for you to make heads of and reply too. Thanks!
  11. This post is directed to PlanetPage and justawoman, but everyone else, please chime in. You guys make me want to proclaim why exactly it is that for an average 18 year old kid in shit hole parma, that is basically an extension of the ghetto of cleveland, (someone tried to rob my house last night) who is surrounded by kids who worship the rapper Lil Wayne, check out some of his stuff, http://www.youtube.c...h?v=bDfNce7iAtc i mean im not gonna lie i do actually like that song, there is just no musical talent displayed whatsoever (except for when you consider eminems background and situation in life, he is by far the best lyricist of his generation, I respect the rap/hip hop genre, and eminem is my favorite artist of it) but as far as Lil Wayne, I have some respect for the man simply because he treats his rapping career like a business, and that motherfucker is one successful business man. But anway... why i love led zeppelin so much is for all the exact same reasons as you guys, like i said earlier in the thread, every led zeppelin song takes you on a journey in and of itself. Everything that both of you guys said is absolutely 1 million percent true. Your guys conversation so far that followed this post..... Justawoman- "This is an excellent thread, I couldn't agree more. You know after finding this forum (I've really only been participating for a few weeks now), I really got to thinking about LZ and what makes their music so special. I'm a fan from long, long, long ago, when I was young and before anyone really knew the full impact that Zeppelin was going to have on rock music or music in general. Anyway, I got to thinking 'why do I like Led Zeppelin so much?' I think it's because so many of their songs have what I like to refer to as 'the light and dark' or the 'heavy and lite', the 'hard and soft'. To me, and this is just MHO, Jimmy Page was a genius the way he mixed the hard and soft. So many songs either start out soft and melodious, then really crank it, or else they start out with a bang, then mellow out some, then come back in with some more 'in your face' heavy stuff. Their songs had so many different levels. Does that make sense? Also, so much of their music, or lyrics, make you think. What does this song mean? What are they singing about? Does it make sense? Should it make sense? Maybe not. That is strictly for the listener to interpret. So many of their songs were thought provoking, but at the same time hard core rock and roll. Again, a contradiction. I love contradictions! Believe me, I'm not a musician and not in the least musically inclined. I just know that I've listened to a lot of music in my life and for me Led Zeppelin is at the top of my list and I guess I'm just wondering 'why is that?'. (Please excuse the ramblings of a middle age woman who has had too much wine.)"........... The only way i can elaborate on it is.. Its like we all share the same brain except you guys just said the words i wanted to first. I only welcome your wine inspired ramblings. After all my original post that started this convo were the ramblings of a kid who just took acid for the first time and was feeling inspired and productive. I loved that shit haha. but back to the subject at hand. Of the led zeppelin songs that I have listened to the most so far in this past year of discovery for me, despite how much I absolutely fucking love led zeppelin, I can recite literally 25% of the lyrics and that might be pushin it. This is because when i listen to zeppelin, i just jam, plant could be singin about slicin ppl up and eatin them hannibal lector style, i dont give a fuck what he is saying, majority of the time when you listen to a song for the first time and have no idea what the lyrics are, you have no idea what plant is singing about cuz you cant make out exactly what he is saying. I just consider plants voice, the fourth instrument of the, most intense, brilliant, and longest teniored jam session, that is Led Zeppelin itself. This is most evident in Achilles last stand, when the song slows down and stops for a second and then for about two minutes its just plant singing AHHHHHHHHH and changing the pitch and beat of his voice. He also does this in Stairway but is saying OOOoooohhhwooooOOOOOO ooooohhhhOOoowhhoooOOO. And then that along with Page on the guitar, Jones on the bass, and the best drummer of all time, jammin the fuck out of the Ludwigs, John Bonham. This same thing, plant playing his voice, but not actually saying anything is evident at some point in time in pretty much every led zeppelin song ever. But back to the journey topic. Stairway to heaven is the perfect example of what our brains are telling us. (The greatest song by the greatest band in history, therefore the greatest song in history) And one more thing before i start my hungover all day and now its 6:30 in the morning and i still havent slept a wink all day and i have school in an hour rant... Planetpage idk about your musical background (but would love to find out) but Im majoring in music composition at Ohio State University, so i think its safe to call myself a musician, and my dad is a musician. With that said, Im telling you justawoman, that you are indeed, in every way, musically inclined, simply because you are a big enough zephead that has listened to enough zeppelin in their life to be having a conversation with a random 18 year old kid, trying to figure exactly why it is that you love them so much. Thats my interperatation of your musical background at least, this coming from a kid, who took one of those Lil Wayne worshippers, and exposed him to enough zeppelin that just a few months after discovering them, he will proudly proclaim his love for them over Lil Wayne in a room full of people listening and praising Lil Wayne. And one more related add in.. I and my three other zeppelin fan friends who attended the ZOSO concert, consider ourselves more musically inclined than the average teenager that is not a zephead, im sure you guys can agree. Now i can begin. I guess you can consider this like another essay on why i love zeppelin so much, with the focus on why stairway to heaven is the greatest song of all time. Alright... So like we have agreed on, every led zeppelin song is like a journey. Stairway to Heaven is the perfect example of this (And if you go to the topic, top 5 zep songs, it along with achilles last stand are the two of the most frequently mentioned.) So first of all, Just look at the name itself, Stairway to Heaven, idk about you guys but the vibe that those three words in that order, to me, implies something along the lines of journey, and/or adventure. Now along with those two words, another word to describe the song itself, as in the musical composition, Is the word ballad. Just as you said justawomen, the intro and basically the first fourth of the song is soft, slow, and melodius, then it picks up a little bit once the flute is exited and page changes from picking to strumming, as well as the drums pick up and the base chimes in and that is basically the second fourth. Then the guitar solo, my favorite*keywords* studio version page guitar solo of all time just edging out dazed and confused is the third fourth of the song. Then once the guitar solo ends and plant chimes in with AND AS WE WIND ON DOWN THE ROAD!!!(which by the way is probably my favorite part of any zep song when you consider the 7 minute buildup and guitar solo that come before it) Starts the last quarter of the song. And then the other half of the song that is equally brilliant, are the lyrics, because as a whole, i have honestly no idea wtf he is talking about, and nobody does know exactly what it is he was trying to express to us, because he left it so metaphorical and open ended. And that along with the seven minute buildup to the change in tempo and attitude of the song is the reason, I personally rank it number one zeppelin song, and why every single best classic rock song countdown on 98.5 Clevelands Classic Rock, and im sure many other classic rock stations, rank it number one on their list everytime. It starts out, Theres a lady who knows all that glitters is gold, and shes buying a stairway to heaven, when she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed with a word she can get what she came here for. So it starts off talking about, this is my interperetation at least, talking about a girl, most likely rich and spoiled, whos main concern in life is material objects and buying everything that she wants because she is able to get whatever she wants, and what she wants during this particular song, is to ensure that she goes to heaven, Or... it could mean that she is setting herself up for disaster and she is gonna end up in heaven soon, but then pretty much after that i have no idea wtf he is talking about except for a few parts, like, yes there are two paths you can go down, but in the long run, theres still time to change the road your on. and also after it breaks off from the first part that i think i comprehend correctly he adds to the lyrics. OOOoooo and it makes me wander. He is simultaneously telling me what he thinks about the lyrics he has written, and literally telling me exactly what to do while i listen to his lyrics. And from my personal opinion, telling the audience what to do is a key quality of many of the greatest songs of all time and hit songs in general, regardless of genre or generation. Prime example, Twist and shout by possibly my second favorite band The Beatles. Well I could go on about this forever, and i also still have more to say about the rest of your guys conversation that i didnt get to elaborate on. specifically planet page talking about how the culture of the 70s inspired their lyrics and style......but i have to be at school in an hour so i need to go take a shower haha. But I will leave you guys with this to chew on as well, In my original post i said it was my dream in life to make and perform music that is my best shot at recreating led zeppelin. And i am absolutely commited to making my life that. So i want to show you guys the lyrics to my song that me and my friend are working on right now. The lyrics are rebellious and pretty angry i guess. The riff that we made up before i even thought about lyrics was basically black sabbath inspired only because the amp was on metal setting while we were jamming and thought of it. but here it goes... Helplessly growing up in the recessed nation, Our unemployed parents, Now work at the gas station, While all the laid off teachers, Now absent from our educations, Whats wrong with these people, The wealth of our generation, Our lives are controlled by, CEO's and Corporations, Thier motivation is greed, And cash their inspiration, They dont care who they step on, They want that second mansion, Corruption on Wall Street, Steals money from our wallets, Selfish thieves dropped to their knees, --- (meaning the govt bank-bail-outs) Prayed and recieved their forgiveness, Yet still they will create any scheme, Just to Increase their paychecks Thats what i got so far, there is more to be said tho. The chorus, as of now, the middle part, I wrote in under ten minutes, it just came to me after I decided i wanted to write about all the selfish rich motherfuckers who dont give a shit what happens to anyone but themselves. and the other parts I wrote in first period govt the next day. But yea thats what i got so far, and i feel like family with everyone on here so i just wanted to share. Im open for suggestions by the way ill take all the inspiration i can get right now at this point in my life. And lastly, because i have to be in my first period class in exactly one hour haha, Thank you guys so much for listening to what i have to say and reading these giant posts that i put on here. I love it, this is the best thing that could have happened to me, i feel like i can converse on here at a totally different level than with my friends.
  12. wow tom kid!! I just watched Whiskey a go go performance from 1969... and holy shit haha. thanks for the suggestion. I have a live 3 disc collection from june 72 called how the west was won and i cant even comprehend how they progressed so much in just three and a half years
  13. This is fuckin awesome!! haha I never thought that this "thread" i made would lead to all of this Literally probly one of the best decisions ive ever made, besides buying a guitar and listening to led zeppelin in the first place, its like i just entered an entire new world away from my normal one I thank everyone who has participated in opening this door for me. And if you have any stories you want to brag about. you came to the right place haha cuz im listening Also, I havent read a book since to kill a mockingbird 4 years ago and i realized that i did actually enjoy it. So i have decided that im going to read a book, just not which one yet. So if you have any suggestions for me just give me the title so i can google it. Im lookin for somethin either that takes me on an adventure type deal, music related, or just fucked up in every aspect and really makes you think. Thanks! P.S. Its totally cool with me if the stories are drug related haha
  14. Thanks blackdog, I officially consider coming here and making this post one of the best decisions Ive ever made
  15. hey led rabel, I just listened to some of your stuff. Its really good, I can hear the zeppelin in it... Im new here too, Ive only made one post so far but I can tell you that you made a great decision coming here to talk to other zep fans. Im 18 and I want to be a musician too. You should read my post, Im sure you will enjoy it.
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