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  1. That sounds perfect. My fondest memory to any song is to Ten Years Gone. It was my gateway to Zeppelin. Me and my buddy were all kinds of messed up and we air guitared on top of every piece of furniture in his basement to that song, I had already been a fan for a little while at this point, but it was extremely sentimental just like yours. I wouldnt consider myself the same person since that day. Thats when i officially became a Zephead
  2. I have How the West Was Won, I was just gettin in to zeppelin when I bought it, and it was the best $25 purchase of my life. Ive been listenin to zeppelin for a almost a year now, and that album absolutely never gets old. I just imagine what it would have been like to be there.
  3. Ahhhh!!!! this is exactly why I came on here, to find people like you. That is my everyday, zeppelin and mariuana entered my life simultaneously and there has been no turning back. Ive been playing for around 5 months now, but my dad was/is a musician and it just comes so naturally to me, and i absolutely love playin it. Especially just jammin with others
  4. This list is just more evidence that every led zeppelin song is truly great, and that they dont belong in any order. So many great songs, played in so many different styles. Lists are just personal preferences. But to contradict myself for a second...... Stairway #10??!!??!! haha I guess its cuz i didnt get to witness zeppelin in the 70s like most of you guys. So to you Stairway is just another song. But to me its like, Holy/Sacred. Im 18 and have only been listening to zeppelin for not even a year now, but they have changed my life dramatically. I listen to nothing else now. I love,
  5. haha yea nothin worse than bein in a car with a bunch of ppl rappin a song youve never even heard before. I just feel out of place sometime, like i belong in the 70s
  6. You are so awesome! ;) Just wanted to say that....

  7. ha yea, I am utterly fascinated by the 70s And coming on here was probly the best thing ever, cuz besides my 3 other friends that listen to zeppelin with me, I dont relate to anyone else at my school really. All they talk about is lil wayne. I just smoke my stuff, sit back, break out the air guitar, and let the zeppelin take me away
  8. Im glad you know what I meant haha But Im a little confused here. So your like my age?
  9. now officially wants to get his hands on every bootleg from 1969-1972

  10. I am 18 just turned it feb 23rd. Idk why it says that i said that, someone else did. i must have accidentally copy and pasted somethin. Ive been a fan for less than a year, and i realized the impact that led zeppelin had on rock and roll and that they were gonna have on the rest of my life just a few short months into my still young and budding led zeppelin love affair *Knebby, i edited the post to make it a little easier to read, the italics are the quote that started this whole conversation, and made me want to write this extremely long post. Now that you understand that, I think the whol
  11. This post is directed to PlanetPage and justawoman, but everyone else, please chime in. You guys make me want to proclaim why exactly it is that for an average 18 year old kid in shit hole parma, that is basically an extension of the ghetto of cleveland, (someone tried to rob my house last night) who is surrounded by kids who worship the rapper Lil Wayne, check out some of his stuff, http://www.youtube.c...h?v=bDfNce7iAtc i mean im not gonna lie i do actually like that song, there is just no musical talent displayed whatsoever (except for when you consider eminems background and situation
  12. wow tom kid!! I just watched Whiskey a go go performance from 1969... and holy shit haha. thanks for the suggestion. I have a live 3 disc collection from june 72 called how the west was won and i cant even comprehend how they progressed so much in just three and a half years
  13. This is fuckin awesome!! haha I never thought that this "thread" i made would lead to all of this Literally probly one of the best decisions ive ever made, besides buying a guitar and listening to led zeppelin in the first place, its like i just entered an entire new world away from my normal one I thank everyone who has participated in opening this door for me. And if you have any stories you want to brag about. you came to the right place haha cuz im listening Also, I havent read a book since to kill a mockingbird 4 years ago and i realized that i did actually enjoy it. So i hav
  14. Thanks blackdog, I officially consider coming here and making this post one of the best decisions Ive ever made
  15. hey led rabel, I just listened to some of your stuff. Its really good, I can hear the zeppelin in it... Im new here too, Ive only made one post so far but I can tell you that you made a great decision coming here to talk to other zep fans. Im 18 and I want to be a musician too. You should read my post, Im sure you will enjoy it.
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