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  1. Ebay is a great platform for long-time reputable sellers who have built a strong following. If you are a first-time seller, you likely will get ignored because unfortunately there are a LOT of charlatans out there, and a test pressing is easy to fake. I suggest you find someone knowledgeable about these things to check it out first. Tell us where you are and I'm sure someone here can suggest some names.

  2. 6 hours ago, Strider said:

    Something else that has crossed my mind. Everyone says that Mike Millard hated the bootleggers and the release dates on most of his tapes seem to bear this out.

    With one exception, every Mike Millard show I got was via trading for cassette tapes long before they showed up pressed on vinyl or cd in the mid-'80s and 1990s. The Led Zeppelin 1975 Long Beach Arena and L.A. Forum, 1977 San Diego and L.A. Forum shows; Pink Floyd 1975 Sports Arena, 1975 Eric Clapton, 1977 Yes. 

    I had cassettes of these for years before they ever came out on the bootleg market.

    That one exception was the Rolling Stones at the Forum in 1975. Growing up in Orange County in the 1970s there were several places to get bootlegs...Raspberry Roach in Huntington Beach and most memorably, Beggar's Banquet in Anaheim (city of Disneyland and the Angels). When my family moved to Riverside, I surprisingly found another bootleg vendor in the middle of hicksville.

    Right after the Stones tour finished in July of 1975, Beggar's Banquet had for sale the L.A. Forum bootlegs put out by Idle Minds..."L.A. Friday" and "Who Went to Church This Sunday". It was a quicker turnaround than when the Led Zep "Destroyer" bootleg appeared in 1977 after the Cleveland show.

    The owner of Beggar's Banquet was one Vicky Vinyl, aka Andrea Waters. Jim Washburn was her partner and Idle Minds was her bootleg baby. She openly bragged about procuring Mike Millard's tapes of the Rolling Stones at the Forum in 1975. Perhaps she bragged a little too loudly, as her shop got raided by the FBI several times.

    So how did she get them so quick if not from Mike Millard himself? Anyone who has knowledge and cares to shed light on this, please do.

    This likely was the incident that made Mike hate bootleggers.


  3. III and IV are original first pressings. With II, check the fine print at the bottom of the label - if the address is 1841 Broadway, it's a first. If it's Rockefeller Plaza, It would date to 1974. If it is a first, ; check the run-out etchings on both sides. If you see 'RL' then you can buy 500 lottery tickets and win a billion dollars.

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