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  1. Don't think it could happen. Neither Page nor Daltrey are lyricists. Wonder what Plant and Townshend would sound like?
  2. Just wanted to put in my 2 cents concerning the GUITAR WORLD LED ZEPPELIN DVD. It is EXCELLENT. Jimmy Brown does a stellar job on the songs. Great instructors, goes through every note. Every overdub. I have been playing for 35 years and have a pretty good handle on these tunes but (for me anyway) there are always those little idiosyncrasies that leave me scratching my head. Well NO more. Well worth the price of admission simply for his breakdown of "The Song Remains the Same." If you play guitar...BUY this. You wont be dissapointed,
  3. Led Zeppelin 1. THE blueprint. The Plan. The Campaign... the masterwork of young English Art students who considered themselves bluesmen. (in a fashion.) With the exception of live recordings Page was never more "intense and intent" in his soloing. Aggressive and lyrical. The band firing on ALL cylinders. Physical Graffiti. A massive slab of seventies UBER-rock. Its all here warts and all. The rockers, the epics and the throw-aways. A beautiful and flawed pean to that languid period of excess known as the 70's. Presence. Drug addled and urgent. Pleading and pounding. Jeezizz...if this is what the band could do under the effects of cocaine herion and car injuries...sign me up now. Achilles Last Stand. For the love of Valhalla! Throw in the white-boy funk and neo-rockabilly, and sheeezz, who could ask for anything more. If this had been their last album it would be considered a classic.
  4. As misguided you may feel this event may be, Mr Jones, please tell me you dont mean to infer that pollution of the environment is either A)-not really happening, or just plain wonderful.
  5. Well in fairness Genesis always said orders take 6-8 to deliver "from the publishing date"...they just now printed it...then Jimmy's gotta sign 2,500 copies....now that could most assuredly take awhile....Genesis sez I will get mine before Xmas (if you ordered before August 18)...
  6. my votes: Your Time is Gonna Come The Rover For Your Life Hots on for Nowhere Tea for One Im Gonna Crawl
  7. very much looking forward to this. yeh it wasnt easy to shell out over $600 bucks....BUT....it will have an authentic JP signature, on a limited edition run of 2500. really the only reason I bought it. Im sure the photos will be cool and the design and quality of printing will be stellar, but all I care about is the "sig". Something that no matter how fleeting he actually touched and signed. I regret not getting the limited edition art print of LZ4 that was out many years ago, so I wasnt gonna miss out on this.
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