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  1. I dont know if i have much more energy to continue this conversation, but ill just say that over the last 35+ years this subject has been talked about plenty and if i had the motivation to drag out my archives then i would show u some proof but im just to lazy to do it. Sorry. And that camera man was there for the close circuit feed and not hired by the band.
  2. This is one show that if it was pro shot and professionally recorded it would have come out. The band was absolutely on fire that night. there are people who will argue this based on the exsisting bootlegs out there. Which are crap. As for hoarders, who are you referring to, Jimmy? Peter Grant? They would be the one's in control of such a recording.
  3. The band didnt hire any camera man for this show. I know many people that where at this show and indeed the big screen was in use that night
  4. Yes your right about that, and there is evidence to back that up, but like i said there is no evidence that supports the same for pontiac
  5. Keep in mind there was a close circuit system in the silverdome which that cameraman seen on stage is said to be there for that purpose of showing the band on the big screen that was in place for the show. there is absolutley no evidence what so ever of a proshot recorded for that show
  6. Is anyone cooler than Jimmy?! That picture just says it all
  7. going tomorrow for the second time. i live in michigan but this is 45 min. from my house. sure hope there are no vlume issues their.
  8. When i saw the film, everyone in the theatre was screaming to have it turned up, but to no avail.Its amazing that this could even happen considering how loud theatres are in general. every movie u go to these days are very loud, then u go see a concert movie like this where it is imperitive to have it played loud and u get nothing. VERY DISSAPOINTED. What a great performance by the band though.
  9. Well. I was able to attain 5 tickets online to see the the show at an AMC theatre in Sterling Hts. Mi. on an IMAX screen no less. The anticipation is palpable!
  10. Haha!! Not a chance.it looks like the closest theatre will be in Ann Arbor, and thats a little more than an hours drive. I was hoping for a showing in Royal Oak, which is much closer but not going to complain. Ann Arbor it is!
  11. That's the plan! What a great day!.." Butterflies and Free birds, and fairy tails"
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