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  1. I dont know if i have much more energy to continue this conversation, but ill just say that over the last 35+ years this subject has been talked about plenty and if i had the motivation to drag out my archives then i would show u some proof but im just to lazy to do it. Sorry. And that camera man was there for the close circuit feed and not hired by the band.
  2. This is one show that if it was pro shot and professionally recorded it would have come out. The band was absolutely on fire that night. there are people who will argue this based on the exsisting bootlegs out there. Which are crap. As for hoarders, who are you referring to, Jimmy? Peter Grant? They would be the one's in control of such a recording.
  3. The band didnt hire any camera man for this show. I know many people that where at this show and indeed the big screen was in use that night
  4. Yes your right about that, and there is evidence to back that up, but like i said there is no evidence that supports the same for pontiac
  5. Keep in mind there was a close circuit system in the silverdome which that cameraman seen on stage is said to be there for that purpose of showing the band on the big screen that was in place for the show. there is absolutley no evidence what so ever of a proshot recorded for that show
  6. I dont think there is any question as to when Zeppelin were at their peak, as far as a live performance. That would be just about any performance in 1969. The boston tea party comes to mind but there are many. It is probably the 1 year where Robert's voice along with Jimmy's playing are both at their peak.
  7. What i did was click the share tab below the vid. and cut and paste that web address from there.
  8. finally! me and technology dont mix. I love that Dazed and Confused rendition
  9. Jahfin, have u ever seen Jimmy do that Dazed and Confused instumental at NetAid in 1999 in NY.?
  10. r I'm trying to put up the Dazed and Confused intrumental Jimmy did at Netaid 1999. Its fantastic to see Jimmy throw down on that one. Its a real treat if any of u havent seen it
  11. http://www.youtube.com/user/Toyopyonkopyon?blend=3&ob=5#p/u/0/jdoSWnQIKvE I'm trying to insert a youtube video, any help would be nice, how bout u debrah? u seem to be a pro with this
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