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  1. just wondering mate (scouser myself), whereabouts was this Liverpool Stadium ? I'm guessing it's been knocked down, because I can't recall ever seeing/hearing about it. I knew they played Liverpool but I always assumed it was the empire for some reason
  2. Completely depends on what mood I'm in. But I'll try my best; 1. Good Times, Bad Times 2. Rock n' Roll 3. Hey Hey What Can I Do 4. Ten Years Gone 5. Communication Breakdown 6. Bron Yr Aur Stomp 7. When The Levee Breaks 8. Bron Yr Aur 9. Heartbreaker 10. Houses Of The Holy
  3. My opinion on ITTOD is that it's not a classic, timeless Zepp album like PG or the fourth album. But it is a good album. I only listen to it every so often, and every time I do, I really enjoy it.
  4. 'The Fourth Album' works best for me, by calling it that you're not giving it a specific title, but everyone still gets what you mean
  5. I like the site, I can imagine it to get really good once the vaults open further. Although, I hope if an album does come out of this, he leaves the awful 30 second snippet of noise on the homescreen out
  6. You're right. I'm positive they weren't there when I checked five minutes ago. Or maybe tiredness is just really starting to kick in!
  7. The guitar strums have now been taken off. Movement ?
  8. How Many More Times.....AM I GONNA CLICK REFRESH!?
  9. 4.49 AM Here in Liverpool, these next 10 minutes are gonna' drag like hell!
  10. Just had Outrider on getting me in the mood. Anybody have any ideas of what he'd call the album if he is to confirm details of a release. Outrider II ? Or in true Page fashion something more mystical and harder to crack ?
  11. Had a scan round, not too sure wether this has been posted yet.
  12. Thanks mate Few beers, Zeppelin playlist on. Before no-time the sun'll be shining and I'll be minutes away from the Pagey announcement!
  13. I live In England, it's now been midnight for two hours over here, It's now 2AM. I have no clue how long it is till your midnight, but too fucking right I'm staying awake for it!
  14. I'm hoping this website will be used as a hub for news about new releases/tour dates. If he is finally seriously thinking about new material then surely in this day & age any artist would need an official website.
  15. Good spot! It must be plant I suppose, otherwise the Lion from Wizard of Oz has started attending Jeff Beck gigs
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