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  1. Completely depends on what mood I'm in. But I'll try my best; 1. Good Times, Bad Times 2. Rock n' Roll 3. Hey Hey What Can I Do 4. Ten Years Gone 5. Communication Breakdown 6. Bron Yr Aur Stomp 7. When The Levee Breaks 8. Bron Yr Aur 9. Heartbreaker 10. Houses Of The Holy
  2. I can imagine this has probably been posted here somewhere among the 120-odd pages. Worth the post though just incase anyone is unfortunate enough not to have seen it
  3. Not really my cup of tea, I'd give it a 5. It's not a bad song, but it just doesn't really do anything for me.
  4. After re-reading Hammer Of The Gods for a second time, I've finally gotten a chance to move onto 'Life' by Keef' Richards
  5. You've got it spot on mate! And definitely would have loved a US tour, maybe some more live footage would have made people appreciate it more
  6. Although I agree the album 100% is nowhere near as timeless as most of the Zeppelin catalouge. I think it's a bit unfair to describe the album as 'commercial' or 'cheesy'. I wasn't even born at the time that the album was released, but I'm pretty sure it would be very hard to try and find any out of this world rock music that was being released during that time. 93' was the height of 'Grunge' in the US. And in the UK it was all about the indie/britpop scene. And as far as the production, I think that if the album was produced in a way which Zeppelin albums where then Jimmy would have been slaughtered for it even more, and the whole 'Coverversion' thing would have had a lot more points to be backed up by. I wouldn't say it's better than any Zeppelin album, although I see it coming quite close to ITTOD as in my opinion, that album is probably the Zepp album which hasn't stood the test as time as well as the others (for obvious reasons), although it does have some unbelievable tracks; Evening, Crawl, AOML & Carauselambra, I think some of the tracks aren't pretty throwaway, for instance FITR. Same could be said for a few tracks on C/P
  7. Coverdale/Page is actually my favorite Post-Zepp album of original music. I dunno' why people give David a hard time too. Yeah, 'course he sounds a bit like Plant but more or less every hard rock singer out there does. The guy was in Deep Purple and Whitesnake! Although I'm not the biggest Whitesnake fan one the planet you have to admit Coverdale has turned himself into a household name, and is not just some silly Plant impersonator. Fair play to the guy!
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