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  1. I think Cream deserves its place in the pantheon of 60's British rock groups. Each member was a great musician and to dismiss their influence is probably easy this many years later, and it takes a more knowledgable person than me to really make the case for them, but I think the only thing standing between them and the Stones, Who, etc., is longevity. Baker is clearly a misanthrope but if it hadn't been for this documentary I would not have known that.
  2. That scene was evidently excised from the theatrical release of It MIght Get Loud and so it does not appear in the movie if you catch it on cable/satellite television. I saw it as an "extra scene" on Youtube. It is a wonderful scene and I am not sure why they cut it. Definitely worth checking out. The Edge accurately described the drums for Kashmir as "ominous". I liked that. Jimmy makes playing look effortless, like all the great talents, it just comes naturally to him.
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