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  1. This is not just your opinion. It is fact. Jimmy in 1998 is in no way even comparable to Jimmy at the o2. The o2 was very much calculated and planned. His soloing was just good enough to get by (well, for the most part). 1998 Jimmy was getting back to what he was all about in Zeppelin - those bursts of supreme virtuoso greatness, spontaneously mixed in while he completely holds down the fort. Totally loose and focused. The o2 was Jimmy doing what needed to be done to get the point across. But technically on more solo breaks than not, he simply wasn't hitting on what he was trying to do when he wasn't playing it safe. And here alone lies the reason I cringe when people today say "they should have one more go at it" or a one-off reunion performance "for the 50th." The o2 was 11 years ago and Page just barely got by. How do you think it would go today?? We would likely be displeased.
  2. I was there a couple months ago and was looking at this JPJ stuff -- it's so cool to sit there and look at that bass and hear Achilles playing in your head. One thing that amazed me was how small his jacket and pants were. I mean, he must have been a tiny guy back then (actually he still looks like a small guy) -- I feel like I would rip that jacket to shreds if I tried it on and I am not that big a person by any means. What sucks is this is the only representation of Zeppelin in the entire museum. I saw one of Bonham's green sparkle kits there once, but that was well over 15 years ago. Pat must have wanted it back.
  3. My guess is Page will be auctioning off signed pictures of him modeling.
  4. Peter Grant was not present on their very first tour of America and Richard Cole was not present on their very last tour of Europe. I can't think of any roadies that were with the band from the very beginning to the very end. The only answer to this question might very well be all four band members and that's it.
  5. I think he means the actual song, not the DVD.
  6. I would have liked to see a little bit more about the music as well. Would have provided a good balance. And it wouldnt have been a "critical review" of the music because we would have quotes from the folks who were directly involved in the making of the music! Just a little bit more focus on that would have been very nice. There was a quote where JPJ talks about how he thinks he should have gotten more writing credits, and that people's perception of Page and Plant going off and writing a song like Lennon/McCartney and then teaching the song to the other two members --- JPJ said "that is so far from the truth its ridiculous.' I WANNA HEAR MORE ABOUT THAT!
  7. Longest performance of one song: Dazed, last night at the LA Forum 1975 Longest Stairway: July 7, 1980 Berlin. Last Zeppelin show ever.
  8. For the record, this is the best Zeppelin book I have read. And I've pretty much read most of them. My opinion on the Page thing is that you need to look at these comments for what they are - just comments about one thing during one day or one time or one place. That's all they are. Is/was Page a spoiled brat? Of course he was -- he was the leader of the biggest band in the world and his ego was even bigger. Does everyone have good/bad qualities? Of course. Think about how analyzed every single move Page makes has been. Everything he says, does, looks at, moves towards, reacts to, etc etc -- is analyzed. I was thinking "geez, what if that was done with me?" I've had my moments of being a prick, and I've had my moments of being someone people can enjoy being around. Really, isnt that just anyone? NOW. To think that pretty much everything I do in public or around friends would be documented and analyzed in a book 30-40 years later -- man I honestly can say that if you put some quotes in there i might even come off as worse than Jimmy! (though I have never ever spat at someone!) I'm just saying that it's probably true -- but we arent looking at Jimmy Page the human being. Look at him as a human being and compare him to other people you know. Or think -- if you were him how would you act in that situation? My personal opinion is that Page was not great, but not horrible. I think on drugs he seemed awful. But he was a spoiled brat who expected control over everything that he had an opportunity to control. He was a prick sometimes, but a decent guy other times. He's very human, but he's also very private about that. And in my opinion, the smoking in the car thing -- they were both jerks about it. Just as easily as Page could have respected the guy's wishes, the guy also could have not been a sissy about it and just dealt with a little bit of smoke and rolled his windows down and not made a bigger deal about it than it needed to be. This is a classic case of making a mountain out of a molehill.
  9. It seems that no one can prove this is true OR untrue. However, what I'm most concerned with is that SOMEBODY is playing the featured music. Its real music. I really like all of it, and even if this is untrue -- I'd like to find out who is playing this music (assuming its all the same band) and how I can get a CD of their stuff?? I hear some really cool subdued acoustic and slide guitar work, some neat acoustic mandolin work, some bad ass soloing on a Telecaster, and layers of cool guitar tones backed by orchestration. Sounds really cool, whatever it is.
  10. I am going to the ceremony. Fell into some free special guest tickets. I hope Page picks up a guitar for a little. I am going out of town Sunday morning so I wont be able to report back until a week later, but its gonna be great! I was just downtown last night and the hotels are packed with people for the Rock Hall. Its gonna be a good weekend. If anyone is in Cleveland looking for something to do on Friday night (tonight) my band is playing at the Beachland Ballroom (#1 Best Cleveland music venue) and its very close to downtown. We have a very Zeppelin-ish sound.
  11. yes. I know Glenn Schwartz pretty well. Is he well known today? Maybe or maybe not, but in the late 60s he was ranked as one of the best blues guitar players in America and was Hendrix's favorite player. Probly the best player my eyes have ever seen and I've seen lots of good ones. He played with the zeppelin a few times in 1969 on the same bill. He knew Page personally and Page knew him. If you dont know who Glenn is, you should.
  12. It is NOT the real deal. IC chips do not get the germainium transistor sound like the original Tonebenders. Here are two pedals in know use real OC75 transistors: If you want clones of the Tonebender (the original will cost you probably $1,000 +) the two that I recommend are the DAM MKII Professional. You can get it with OC81D transistors too. http://www.stompboxes.co.uk/MKII.html The DAM is pretty costly too though, and VERY hard to find now. SO if you are handy with a soldering gun, or know someone who is, check out the BYOC MKII. http://buildyourownclone.com/tonebender.html It is awesome. I have one and it plays beautifully. People say the similarities to the original tonebender is right on. And its relatively cheap to get one. It comes with real OC75s.
  13. hm. i wonder if you have some sort of pop up blocker? The file should play immediately when you highlight the song and click on it. Yes, female lead vocal. No -- actually there are two electric guitarists (playing les pauls) one for rhythm and one lead. We have done it many times with an acoustic guitar for the rhytm part, but this time we used all electric.
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