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  1. Let's face it - when a band as big and as monumental in it's historical perspective as LZ releases their own Vans shoes and Hot Wheels cars it makes everything we adored about them seem like a trivial soap opera comedy. Hot Wheels? Vans? Coffee mugs? Key chains? Condoms? This ain't the Led Zeppelin that I grew up so wide eyed with. This is a marketing sham of a band that lost control of their voice and vision in 1980.
  2. Another dead end 50 year of media bullshit. How can the number one band in the entire world market itself so poorly? This whole campaign has been like a rainy fourth of July fireworks display...lots of hype that ends in a dreary mess.
  3. I had heard he had a relationship with Maureen's sister...is that true???
  4. Nope. I gave up on Jimmy years ago. He be done man.
  5. Let's face it...The Cure is stealing everyone's Thunder with their 40th anniversary events - and they well deserve to! Robert Smith is blowing away Robert Plant both in voice and dynamics. If Led Zep did their 50th like The Cure is doing their 40th we'd all be a very ecstatic bunch. For now - Robert Smith and his band of merry players is more than worth seeing live while the Mighty Zep members rest on their laurels.
  6. Hope this Documentary is better than the 50TH Anniversary Coffee table book LZXLZ... cuz that wadn't very good.
  7. I have the Book....looked at it twice thoroughly, and it now sits amongst my 30 plus other Zep related tomes.
  8. Pictures from the Tampa Stadium 1977 riot after show cancelation because of heavy thunderstorms would have been interesting. Kids being beaten and tear gassed by police in riot gear that just happened to show up 6 minutes after the announcement....hmmm. Prepared? Or how about pictures of the waiting lines and traffic jams to get into the Pontiac Silverdome for the record setting 1977 concert there. Newbies don't realize that living through the actual Zeppelin era was the most exciting and mind blowing of times, crowds were insane and the vibe around an upcoming Zep event was beyond comprehension. There is no live act today where and entire city and state would go completely bonkers.
  9. Really....was he caught by surprise? Sometimes these interviews use unexpected means to catch their guests off guard. But that is weird and very embarrassing if so. I'm hoping Jimmy was just wondering "WTF..."
  10. There's only one problem with Jimmy's latest interview on France's Le Grand Journal television....it's in French.
  11. Jimmy himself is made to look rather "ghostly" in this filtered pic. He looks more "dead" than alive... Cool vibe and it's great to see him with his personal rig all set up and ready to play about...Theremin too. Interesting. No hopes, no expectations, no thoughts other than it's always good to see Jimmy alive and well...
  12. Success on the Zeppelin level is not all it's cracked up to be. Ride the wave and then drown in the same sea.
  13. And when the BBC interviewer asks the inevitable question of a Zeppelin re-union and tour....Jimmy simply replies "No." That's it folks - NO tour or re-union, no more Zeppelin, end of story.
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