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  1. This is the Fugazi Song Name Game. "Fugazi" means fake for those of you dufuses who never saw a good movie like Donny Brasco. The idea here is to just make shit up and have fun with it while raising your post count in another never ending circular thread that goes nowhere. And the only difference is you are forced to try and be witty and interesting, so don't hurt yourselves. Try it out, you might even like it. You might even use parts of your brain that you didn't know you had. So put down those doobies and get on it bitches! I'll start it off: Scratching On Heaven's Backdoor - Old Scratch
  2. Hey, we even have a Zep song named after us I'll start it off. Thank you California for: Fabulous Forum, Inglewood Whiskey-A-Go-Go, West Hollywood Zezar Stadium, San Francisco Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco San Diego Sports Arena Santa Barbara Fair Grounds Fillmore West, San Francisco Aneheim Convention Center Rose Palace, Pasadena Long Beach Arena Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino Berkeley Community Theater Fox Theater, San Diego Oakland Coliseum Santa Monica Civic Center Crawford Hall, Irvine CA Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, San Jose and of course The Continental Hyatt (Riot) House in West Hollywood
  3. Hey All, I thought I would start a thread to discuss our criminal justice systems and related subjects. Criminal laws High profile court cases (past or present) Punishment / Prisons Death Penalty Jury duty etc. Cheers, Brad
  4. You're most welcome! Hope you're enjoying the site.

  5. Of all the Zep songs, Bron-Yr-Aur stomp (studio or live versions) is the one song that can really make me feel good when I'm feeling down. This is a song that gets your feet tapping and you just have to sing along. I'm sure I look like a nutter in my car every time I play the song. Anyone else have this reaction? I'm so glad they used the name of the cottage in this song title. It really underscores through the music how important the time spent there my Jimmy and Robert was. Something to shine through for all of us fans over the decades. Awesome!
  6. thanks for adding me as a friend BD

  7. 'Sup Hamilton. Are you going to be hanging out in your bathroom this weekend? ;-)

  8. Wow! I just noticed that I am now a "Zep Head".... I always thought I was one.

  9. Hey anyone else a fan of this film? I can't believe it's been almost 30 years since it came out. I thought some people might want to discuss this film written by a big Zeppelin fan. I believe this was the first film where Jimmy and Robert allowed one of thier songs to be included in the soundtrack. I love the film, it always brings a smile to my face and good memories of "good times"
  10. Is it just me or is being stupid with cell phones the new fashion? All these people walking around looking down at their cell phones, pants on the ground and not giving two shakes about what is going on around them. Do they know what we are thinking about them? Do they even care? I've attempted to shame people for their bad manners with cell phones, but it's like they look at me as if I'm from another planet. A few weeks ago I was in a retail store and I asked the clerk for some assistance with finding a product they had advertised on sale. The woman (in her 40s at least) however was too busy typing something on her cell phone behind the counter. When I asked her again if she could please help me, she said "just a mintue I'm almost done". Her "just a minute" was actually several minutes, and then she didn't even apologize for making me wait. After I finally found the item I needed to purchase and was then making my payment, I delayed giving the clerk the money. The woman seemed perplexed as I just stood there without getting out my money or credit card to pay. When she asked me "are you paying with credit?" I said, "just a minute I'm almost done." I then just stood there for a full minute staring at her without saying anything and then said, "there, how does it feel to be disrespected, ignored, and your time wasted?" I don't even think she connected the dots in her mind. We are surely doomed.
  11. I thought I would start a thread for us nightowls. I rarely can sleep more than a few hours a night because of back pain. Usually I will spend a few hours checking emails and watching the news (recorded from earlier in the day). I also work nights, don't usually get off work until near midnight. I'm just one of those people who loves the night. It's quiet and nobody to bother me. In the summer I even walk for miles, sometimes even catching the dawn. Usually around 5 AM I will go to bed, but I am up again by 9AM having coffee and sitting out on the patio. Anyone else love the night?
  12. This week President Obama dropped a bit of a political bomb on the Arab / Israeli peace process suggesting that Israel needs to withdraw to the pre-1967 borders. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded that "it will never happen'. Is President Obama asking for too much from Israel given their concerns about security? What do you think will happen?
  13. Sounds like the end is near for this one too.
  14. This flooding along the Mississippi is crazy. I hope friends here are all safe and in a dry place.
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