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  1. Ah, I'd always figured it made a nice splash to the next song. So that's pretty much it?
  2. I did that for FitR because it fit better with the piano echo to jump into the clavinet intro well.
  3. So true. At least a concert film they made would always outweigh a modern Stones one.
  4. A friend of mine had wanted to get into Led Zeppelin lately. He's been getting a pretty good start. He likes Kashmir, The Immigrant Song, In The Light, No Quarter, Carouselambra and Stairway to Heaven to name a few. I wanted to make it into an album style and flow. Being the obsessed fan I am I made it three CDs of things I like and things I think he'd like. I want you to comment and tell me of any flaws or good perceptions of album-flow orders. How the feeling of one song can well lead into the next or how the contrast makes it fit. CD #1 1. Dazed and Confused 2. The Wanton Song
  5. I have always held ITTOD in high regard. I think Carouselambra is of a quality on it's own and I love it dearly so. I would want to cover it come day had I learned piano. I'd like to learn organ actually. In my opinion I think JPJ deserved an album to take on for most of the creative effort. ITTOD was known as the anti-presence and since I prefer it over presence I see it as Zeppelin in a whole new light. Same language in their writing but a different sound.
  6. A few songs that would irk Justin Timberlake fans. South Bound Saurez, In my Time of Dying, Since I've been loving you and Out on the Tiles.
  7. What? Oh and also Achilles, did you ever get back together with that girl?
  8. so Zeitgeist tour material mostly sucked? I heard they had 20 minute jam sessions.
  9. There's always that one guy in your life who used to love Led Zeppelin. Then he heard Oasis or Counting Crows or some hardcore band and just considers Led a good band but now to him most of their songs sound like "jam sessions." Even after hearing all of them A pumpkins fan I know is just like that. He called most of Achilles Last Stand a jam session with no emotion. Now he's not into hardcore or anything like that but there are songs you just rock out to. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  10. If i could get that for carouselambra I'd be happy and try to learn that for guitar.
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