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  1. Sorry I fudged this one up i will from now on post only in post sectIons also thanx for showin me how, no BS it's much obliged
  2. Sorry sir this is my first time on the site I thought a post was a post & it is option A does it bother you or option B does it not so there ya go boss man now it's a poll
  3. I know they're not the same song but in my head after Heartbreaker I expect livin lovin, that's just how I got used to it so now I feel cut off after Heartbreaker that's all I'm sayin
  4. Does anybody else get pissed off when you hear Heartbreaker & livin login maid separated on the compilations like mothership &/or while shuffling songs on your iPod? I don't know maybe it's just me MoFo Stone Soundcloud.com/mofostone
  5. Zeppelin influenced hard rock but not heavy metal
  6. My favs to hear whether considered the best or not doesn't matter, only if they rock me to the core -slash -.Jack white -Eddie van halen -Paul McCartney/George Harrison -Keith Richards -the skynyrd dude Jimi Hendrix -the grand funk dude -Eric clapton -Angus young -Jimmy page
  7. LZ is my fav band to listen to but ac/dc is the band I most try to emulate with my band because I love & feel like they're one style balls out rock is most needed right now, I love songs like stairway but my band won't ever play songs like that, when an ac/dc song comes on even brand new songs you know it's an ac/dc song which some people don't appreciate but I love that, I want people to hear a MoFo Stone song & know they'll soon be pumpin fists(dudes) or shakin ass(chicks) no matter what someone else can give em their stairway type songs or just let LZ keep doin it Soundcloud.com/mo
  8. Page without a doubt, the reason he doesn't get equal credit is cuz he's alive, RIP Jimi but that's a fact
  9. I'm so glad I get to have all of them, what a great trio of rock n roll founding fathers
  10. Train kept Rollin, nice riff & nasty solo
  11. Realistically I'd love to see "them crooked vultures" which is the best post zep band from any of em, if you havent heard em or heard of em I highly suggest it cuz they are one of the few bands still rockin & I'd say that even w/o jpj in the band
  12. My mom went to see LZ when she was pregnant with me so I guess I felt the magic from the womb & I've loved Zeppelin since I was born or actually before I was born, top that
  13. Wow this one made me think & realize how great zep is cuz my iPod is packed full of stuff from Beethoven to the Beatles to the stones to NWA to the geto boys to you name it but Zeppelin still holds at least 3 prolly 4 on my all time list, damn
  14. All of em really but I guess since I try to make riff lover rock like so-Soundcloud.com/mofostone page is who I'd wanna see alone in concert the most cuz to me it starts with the riff like "Heartbreaker or whole lotta love etc"
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