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  1. I just think of Page and Plant as the dream team instead of Page and Coverdale. Call it personal preference.
  2. I found it in the bargain bin at the music store. Jimmy's work is fantastic, but I just keep imagining that RP is singing instead of DC.
  3. Over the Hills and Far Away. The intro always blows my mind.
  4. I can forgive at lot of the Crunge, but it seems like they were doing a James Brown-style parody song rather than a tribute to his style. Especially that confounded (nonexistent) bridge.
  5. Whenever I get a song that I can't stand in my head, I have a few songs I go to that have the right sonic qualities to erase that terrible song from my memory. Kashmir is one of them. It washes away all musical iniquities with its perfection.
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