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  1. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Achilles Last Stand cover

    I guessed someone would mention that... Robert sings high as hell, and even he sang lower live.
  2. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Achilles Last Stand cover

    Do you know how can I get the record drums and bass isolated?
  3. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Achilles Last Stand cover

    Thanks, if I don't happen to find a singer, what should I improve in my singing? I'm pretty sure I played it mostly right, but yes I will keep practicing.
  4. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Achilles Last Stand cover

    Hi! This is my first cover, its Achilles Last Stand. I used a backing track for the drums and bass and recorded the guitars and the vocals by myself. You can check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADHb32GrtRE
  5. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Where were you the first time you heard Zeppelin

    Stairway, my house, on youtube.
  6. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    What is the average age here?

    Turned 15 in May.
  7. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Best song off Houses of the Holy

    Best song - The Rain Song Favorite song - The Rain Song
  8. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Frontmen Of Rock

    Freddie Mercury and Robert a close second.
  9. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Last Zeppelin Song You Ever Play

    StH seems appropriate. Achilles would come in second seeing how epic it just is.
  10. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Favorite Blues Tune

    WHAT? No When the Levee Breaks? If it was there I'd definitely pick it. But since not, I took SIBLY and TFO: they both express melancholy and depression, although still very different songs. I've never been very fond of IMTOD... it's not so good to be that long.
  11. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Greatest Epic.

    The No Quarter is an adventurer's tale? Well, I'd say ALS because I just did a cover of it and it's been in my mind alot lately. If Rain Song was an option, I'd definitely pick it.
  12. It was in february this year or something, I'd just gotten into queen at christmas and was browsing youtube. I stumbled across the earls court performance of Stairway to Heaven (not the full version, it was the video on the official led zeppelin channel that's edited to 2 mins) I thought that they were something different from Queen, and the performance seemed magical with all the lights and the red double-neck guitar just as the solo was beginning. I also felt that the band was more like about rocking your soul and Queen was more casual. Nonetheless I didn't get into Zep at that time. When some of my buddies in music class played StH for valentine's day, I thought "Hey, I've heard this song!" Of course I didn't realize the video I saw was only a small piece, so when I got home I gave the album version a listen. I was completely hooked and I especially remember Plant's vocals and when after a couple of days I saw them performing it I could relate to the lyrics (they played a shortened version, but it was still good). I also looked them up on wikipedia, and thought "oh, they're a 70s band too... wait what, they influenced Queen?!" At that point the only song I had listened from them was StH, so I gave a listen to Black Dog and The Ocean. I remember that they sounded pretty good, but I thought they were long and boring. Of course they grew on me (thou I still think black dog drags on too much). I still didn't listen to them very much, even after listening to the full IV album. When I saw a video of Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert and Robert Plant was singing there, I saw two new zep songs: Kashmir and Thank You. I gave both a listen and was hooked to Kashmir. Then I remember watching Bonzo's Moby Dick performance from Royal Albert Hall and I thought "That's some crazy drumming!" or something. Rest is history.
  13. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    40 Years Ago Today(July 31, 1969) I Heard Led Zeppelin I

    I loved reading this! Please post more of your stories! xD It's interesting to have a gate to the past even if you haven't lived there.
  14. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    How would you describe Zeppelin

    The hammer of the gods.
  15. JohnHenryPatrickAnthony

    Led Zeppelin - D'yer Mak'er

    Could make a good Zep Shreds