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  1. I think Plants solo career sucks... I like his first two albums. After that I cant say anything good about him or his music... His refusal to do a reunion is disappointing. I mean the Page/Plant thing was a reunion but it was cheesy, acoustic, and there was no JPJ.... Hes still around because he was the singer of Zep.... Not because his new music is good.. And the band he plays in, disgraceful. Pure letdown, Id walk out if I went to one of he concerts today... P.S. I saw his first solo tour with Phil Collins on drums which was a fantastic show... Manic Nirvana was the beginning of the cheese... Today, sadly he thinks hes on the right path... Im sorry but his new shows are a rip off!!! Stop ripping off the fans of Zep, and play some fucking music whiteboy!
  2. Congratulations on the new website... I will definitely check it out... The magazines connect us to that time and place... Another part of the growing body of artifacts of all things Zeppelin...
  3. Thank you everybody for researching this mysterious Disk!!!! I still hope there's live footage... how could someone be there with a camera and not film whats on stage...?
  4. Didn't know you were Riff Wagner, welcome to the forum! ;)

  5. Nothing yet, unfortunutely.

  6. Still trying to get info on the Japan home movies.... Have you heard anything on this?

    Yours truly

    Riff Wagner from youtube!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I know who this is! Riffwager am I right? Any update on this Japan clip?

  8. Hey do you know when the "Live in Japan" Empress Valley DVD Bootleg will be in circulation, could you please give a specific date?

  9. Hey thanks for telling the whole forum this great news, can't wait to see the DVD! :) Zepps_apprentice here is probably going to get some 8 minutes of Pontiac 8mm film by the end of this month, if not beginning of next month! ;) He'll upload it to youtube, I'll give you the link as soon as he tells me! ;)

  10. I saw "Live in Japan" on the Hotwacks site... and the info was vague.... I was hoping someone from the forum had more info on this piece.. Thanks again for the help... If I get info on the DVD ill let you know...cheers...

  11. Thank you for the info... Saw an ad for this on Hotwacks.... I would love to see more of the Japan concerts... Im sure we all would!!!! Thanks again!
  12. Hey do you have any info on the Empress Valley DVD "Live In Japan"?

  13. from Empress Valley presents previously unreleased 8mm "Home Movies" plus 1971 & 1972 live clips.. Does anyone have any info on this...?
  14. hello gorgeous!!!

    1. riffstar


      I Love you ... ♥

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