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  1. "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by petty statesmen and philosophers and divines. " -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  2. Control freaks that think the whole fucking world revolves around them!
  3. captain_apathy


    When I was in Kindergarten our teacher had us do our hand prints in plaster of paris and then fired them in a kiln or something like that and gave them to us on the last day of school. Just a little while ago I found mine and it just brought back a flood of memories and nostalgia. On the back carved into it was my name, my teachers name and the year.
  4. Pink Floyd 'The Embryo' (that song is a personal favorite of mine from their pre dark side sets) 6-5-71
  5. I guess it just goes to show what sounds good to one person sounds bad to another. For example Major Major you said you feel its overrated and is mostly liked because of its good sound quality(I would have quoted you but for some reason that's not working for me right now). Funny thing is while I do like that show performance wise (very, very good but not as great as some from that era) I always thought the sound quality was not to great for a soundboard at least, that board always sounds rather muffled to me which is why I was looking at different versions, Anyway to each their own as they say.
  6. AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! Its the seventh sign, the end is nigh!
  7. I love the Beatles they are in my big three of favorite bands, the others being of course Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, if I had to pick a favorite album I can narrow it down to two 'Revolver' and the white album.
  8. 'Slaughterhouse Five' by Kurt Vonnegut, I read it twice one summer and can always come back to it.
  9. Hello everyone thank you for the warm welcome, most kind of you all Its actually Led Zeppelin III, its the very rare "Plum" colored Atlantic label, I've done a bit of record collecting in my time and thought a nice rare thing like that would make a good avatar, I would do the "so mote be it" thing on the run out groove but good luck getting that to show up in a pic ha ha
  10. Right now I'm reading 'The Black Curtain' by Cornell Woolrich (classic 40's noir and a book thats sadly been out of print for awhile now) 'Devil in the white city' a book about the murder spree of H.H Holmes and by contrast the staging of the 1893 Chicago World's fair, a book of Victorian ghost stories and constantly refer to the Led Zeppelin concert file ha ha.I don't know I have this thing sometimes where I read several books at once because sometimes I am just a damn scatterbrain
  11. Hi all I am new here, I've been a Zep Fan for a long time indeed and been collecting boots for awhile now to, I love led zeppelin and it'll be great to come here and talk about them here with all of you.See you all out there
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