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  1. amazing experience and great writing of the time spent with them, very vivid in detail, great stuff!
  2. Awesome job! Your playing it now, is it hard to imagine that he played it way back in 73?
  3. Great pics of G. he looks relaxed and tan.
  4. I was dissapointed as well to find out about Johns behavior as well as hard drug use. I knew he was no saint, but its sometimes hard to find out things. They say never meet your heros.
  5. Yes i read this book, and Im currently reading the book on Peter Grant which states what I wrote.
  6. it was a stupid request. Are they supposed to support every bit of storm damage sustained by a country in which they dont even live? THe US government could pay for all the damage with one weeks payout of the "war" we are in.
  7. Stupid to even request that of them. Every storm that blows through Zep should play a benefit for????
  8. Yeah to me there is NO excuse. I am reading another book in which Cole says he went along with Boham when Plant flew back to England so that explains why the three of them were at the Funeral. He says Grant was in Long Island NY with his kids, he had just gotten a divirce so he had to look after his kids ( lame excuse) and he said Page was in Egypt. He doesnt say why page was there but it doesnt make sense to me because the band was scheduled to play on their tour at those times so why go to Egypt and not England to be with Robert?? Jones was driving an Rv with his family so he was unreachable
  9. just came on the site today and Black Dog is playing on the radio here at work and i saw this thread. crazy
  10. I heard it pronounced bronrar on a vh1 special about Zep years ago.
  11. No one got a picture of Bonham collapsed behind the kit or walking/being helped off stage?
  12. Nice picture of John. I always wondered how he looked around the time of his death. I think he looks good, certainly in better shape than I imagined.
  13. I just finished the book and i actually anjoyed the layout of it. sad to read about Bonham doing H and C though. I never heard that before and always thought it was just alcohol for him. never realised how factured they were as a group before either.
  14. Pagesbow, thanks for posting the pics and video. I've always wanted to make that trip.
  15. The Rover is one of the Zep songs my band plays and the crowd reaction is crazy. No one seems to play that song. My guitar players love playing too.
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