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  1. That sounds lovely. Very interesting. Nice post. Many thanks and well done!
  2. Bron-Yr-Aur. It sounds as magical to my ears today as it did when I first heard it 32 years ago. Never gets boring. I play it at least once every day.
  3. My Choices would be - Caroline Munro, Lynda Carter, Kate Bush and Jaclyn Smith. All still lovely now, but in their 1970's prime probably four of the most beautiful women on earth. (Yes, I adore brunettes!! )
  4. I'm 46. First heard Zep when I was 14. Been a fan ever since. The good thing about getting older is that your appreciation of Led Zeppelin grows with time. Great to see that there are so many young people enjoying Zep's music. Zeppelin Forever!
  5. Well, I'm sorry if my present age of 46 doesn't qualify me for the 'under 30' criteria of this thread, but reading through the replies transported my mind right back to when I first heard Led Zeppelin. I was 14 years old. A friend of mine who was several years my senior, knocked on my door one afternoon clutching a small pile of LP records. "I'm leaving home to join the Royal Navy and I thought you'd like to have these records" he said. I thanked him and went straight up to my room and my record player. I had a glance through the pile of records and was at once drawn to a mysterious looking cover which depicted an old man carrying a whole bunch of sticks on his back. When I opened up the gate-fold cover and saw the picture of the hermit standing on top of the rocky outcrop, I was fascinated. The album was, of course, Led Zeppelin IV. I placed the record on the deck and lowered the needle. For the next 45 or so minutes I was utterly astounded. I had never heard anything so amazing! - I can still remember the strange and magical tingle that ran down my spine, when I heard Stairway to Heaven for the very first time. The whole album sounded just so mystical. I became an instant fan to the exclusion of all other music. Every penny from my paper round was spent on more Led Zeppelin. There was never a disappointment. I loved it all and I still do. over the past 32 years since then, I have enjoyed a wide range of music and listened to many different bands but nothing, and I mean- NOTHING- comes even slightly close to Led Zeppelin. They are the greatest band of all time and will always be my favourite. My sincerest gratitude and heart-felt thanks to Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham. --( P.S. I've just noticed several other threads regarding age and first experiences of Led Zep where I could have posted this. My apologies. I'll leave it here because it is all age related.)
  6. Here in britain whenever road works are taking place, and the workmen are moving heavy machinery across the road, they always erect a big red sign to warn approaching motorists. It says in big white letters- HEAVY PLANT CROSSING.
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