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  1. Yes, I suppose it would be, wouldn't it. Good luck with autographs and such. I'd be taking my Ertegun program with me if I were you. I got Jason's autograph when he came through my town last year. Only three to go..... I am particularly looking forward to seeing two things that happened during No Quarter. The first thing is where they have completed the opening sequence and the stage is darkening as Jonesy starts his piece on the piano. At this point, Plant exits across the drum riser and (what looked to be) spontaneously threw his arms around Jimmy in a quick brotherly embrace. A sort of "
  2. When: October 17th Where: CPX Windermere & VIP Theatre, Edmonton, Alberta Travel Time: 15 min. Date of Purchase: Today - online Cost: $20 each (licensed theatre) Anticipation Level: fairly high. Was at the concert and have the bootleg blue ray so I'm actually more interested in seeing the reactions of the others in the theatre.
  3. Forget all this. Didn't read far enough back. The laminates issues already covered. Mods please delete. My son and I went to the show in Edmonton. One of the items not mentioned in other replies to your question is that they are selling 'laminates' (pseudo backstage passes, I think - I didn't get a close look) at the merch table. After the show at the merch table a number is pulled of the people who bought laminates and the winner is escorted backstage to meet Jason. To our knowledge this activity was not posted or announced anywhere. We became aware of it only after conversing with the mix
  4. No footage from the actual show but there was a clip before the show, outside and inside the O2, as the stage and equipment were being loaded in to the arena with Jason sitting / contemplating. The voice over talked about the enormity of the coming event, the pressure he felt and relayed how Plant gave him some encouraging words that put him at ease immediately before he smacked out the stick beats to count in Good Times Bad Times.
  5. Saw the show last nite in Edmonton. In a word FANTASTIC! Tony Catania and James Dylan were standouts. Jason has put together a touching homage to his father while backing the various videos and personal andecdotes (lot's about the O2 show) with a killer band that knock most of the Zep standards out of the park. Musically this show was a blast. It was great to hear lots of songs you wouldn't typically , i.e. Levee, Thank You, I'm Gonna Crawl (Dylan nailed the scream at the end - put shivers up my spine!). Took my Ertegun program from the O2 show and one of Jason's 'handlers' was kind enough to
  6. Hanging on my office wall (in my sight lines just over my computer monitor) in Sherwood Park, Alberta
  7. Thanks. See this link http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/7976/o2...ster19sep08.jpg
  8. [see avatar] Mounted and framed the two tickets and wrist bands along with the limited edition poster. Found a set of lapel pins of the four symbols on the web and had them mounted above and below the wrist bands. Two photos from the show below the poster - top one I took and it shows approximately where we were in the O2 and the lower one was bought from ebay which shows a nice grouping of the four - eyes on Jimmy. Hangs in my office - one of my proudest possessions. Will go to my son when I peg out.
  9. These polls are inspid. It doesn't matter if a poll places Zep (or anyone else) at the top. What matters is if YOU think Zep are the greatest. I could give a shit if polls, music mags, critics and various other self-appointed experts think that Hendrix, Clapton, Beck, SRV, Cobain (lol) are all better guitatrists than Jimmy Page. All I know is that I listen to WAY more Zep than anyone else, probably combined. I wouldn't spend a thin dime (well, maybe a dime) on a Beck bootleg yet I've parted with lots of $$ to further enjoy the live Zep experience and will continue to.
  10. I think that Jimmy, jazzed by the success of the 02 Reunion, wants to go out and play Led Zeppelin songs to people that will dig hearing them as much as he will enjoy playing them. He would do it for the sake of the fans and himself (others three parties willing of course! Well one party truthfully) and with full awareness of the inevitable chorus of criticism regarding 'legacy' and 'greed'.
  11. Cyber squatters are parasites. Led Zeppelin don't owe this guy a guitar pick or anything else. This is opportunism - nothing more.
  12. An interesting bit of news Link: http://music.sympatico.msn.ca/newsandfeatu...&date=False
  13. One of the biggest cheers of the night was when Jimmy pulled out the bow.
  14. The single best IMHO (and likely the most expensive) is Ross Halfin's 'The Photographers Led Zeppelin'. Hard to find - I got mine on ebay for $400US. If I were putting this book out as a 'coffee table' book I wouldn't allow any liquids, including coffee, within 10 feet and I would have pairs of white gloves for people to wear while perusing the book - lol.
  15. My son and I were at the show and for me my favorite moment was during No Quarter when, after the opening sequence and as Jonsey took over on organ, Robert walked over to Jimmy and gave him a big hug - it seemed so spontaneous and genuine. Their smiles spoke volumes about how much they we're enjoying themsleves. Musically the highlight was a toss-up between D&C and Kashmir. While not in my top 10 LZ tunes -Kashmir was stunning! Plant poured it all out. Many times through the show I found myself incredulous of what I was hearing and the event that was taking place. I would look around
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