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  1. I thank the lord I was one of the lucky ones! I am following my Zeppelin anniversary routine. I am listening to the opening acts while eating a plate of bangers and mash like I had at the Pilot Inn. Then I will wash it down with a couple of Guiness. and pop in the dvd at 4PM (EST) Heres a pic of my friend John and myself with Dave Lewis at the Pilot Inn. And another one of my hat at the show
  2. Hi! Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your stay.

  3. WHO HAS THE OTHER 200 POSTERS??????????????? They gave the other 200 to the backstage VIP guests
  4. Whats with all the New Jersey people? I grew up in Hillside! (Right next to The darkest depths of Mordar Newark N. J.)
  5. Mine is here in Virginia. It is #614 When I was standing in the queue to buy the merchandise I was going back and forth whether I should buy one. I had to buy 16 shirts for family and friends. I was afraid my card would explode! I did come to my senses but my friend who got the tickets didn't buy one. He regrets it every time he visits me. But because he was so nice to sell me his other ticket I have willed the poster to him upon my demise!
  6. I am lucky enough to have been to a few of these shows! I will try to rank them with my fading memory 1. Led Zeppelin-Went to all three 73 shows. Great 5 shows in 77 1st row 4 of them! Good shows but I always remember the 71 show as my favorite! My girlfriend was on the stage when it collapsed. 2.Rolling Stones-75 was a great show but I liked the 72 Jagger Birthday show better. Even better was the 69 show (get your ya-yas out) 2nd row, BB King, Ike and Tina, Janis Joplin was there too 3.The Who-74 was the boys at the end of their prime. An even better show was the Metropolitan Opera House in 70. I was into Tommy. I'll always remember getting one of the ushers in a tux find my hash pipe with his flashlight 4.Bruce Springsteen-I am from New Jersey. What can I say "He's the Boss"! 5.Concert for Bangladesh-Dylan,Clapton and the closet I ever came to seeing the Beatles perform though I did see them arrive in the US at JFK 6.Fleetwood Mac-Wasn't my favorite band but it was a good show. 77 rumours tour was great 7.Elvis-Wasn't there but I wish I had been 8.Johnny Cash-Wasn't there but I saw him later. 9.Village People-Wasn't there Thank God!!! 10.Kiss-I hate Kiss! I wouldn't have gone to this show if you paid me
  7. A year ago this very minute I was at the Pilot Inn. Eating Leg of Lamb and Yorkshire Pudding. Drinking Pints of Guiness and Shots of Jack Daniels. Listening to the Dave Lewis and Nech tell stories about the rehearsal. Ah such fond memories
  8. I was at the Pilot sunday night. I met Dave Lewis and Nech. I met a couple of brothers from Tampa Fla. One of them fell down on their way to the tube and had a bad head cut. I have always hoped they got help and made it home ok. I also met a guy from Dubai who went to The university of virginia. I wish I could make contact with these guys. we had such a good time that night and I would love to talk to them and see what they thought of the show!!!
  9. Miss HD To me it sounds like "Keep It Drumming Junior"
  10. After reading all the titles I have to admit I like "For passcode holders only" the best. But I will have to vote for "Celebration Day" like on the amp
  11. Nice shots! That is my orange and maroon hat in #2 and #4
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