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  1. Hi Don I'm interested in all things LZ vinyl, can you tell me the matrix details? How is a Ludwig recognised? Is it a red and plum label? Is it "Killing floor" or "Lemon song" ? Cheers Dave
  2. All good healthy stuff LOL, i didn't shed too many tears and my ego will recover I am also hoping there is an official release of some material that's hiding in a vault somewhere. Let's see what Jimmy's re-master next year comes up with. I think I'm my own worst enemy actually. I've just seen a bootleg release titled The Ultimate Studio Session 1968 - 1972 .... Juicy!! Goddam me and my ethics!
  3. Thanks mate, I'm going to order the same package myself from JB. Still looking for that elusive answer about the vinyl though. Clicking the "pre-order here" link for the vinyl on the official website just gives a "currently unavailable" response. I phoned JB and they are unsure about the vinyl release in Australia.
  4. Ahhh, there's nothing like a good well meaning debate. Totally agree with the concept that the real evil is the pirating of official releases. As the greatest live band that ever existed they should have released more official live material to keep the bootleggers at bay. Unfortunately, no matter which way you look at this discussion someone made money at some stage that had no right to.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I've seen it advertised on several online stores for pre-order but wondering if any Aussie members are aware if there will be a retail store release here? cheers
  6. I crave vinyl (records not apparel)
  7. In 1969 The Lemon Song was renamed Killing Floor on the second pressing of LZ II in the UK as a result of the lawsuit brought against LZ by Chester Arnold Burnett (AKA Howlin Wolf). It was settled out of court and later pressing resumed Lemon Song print. However, as far as I am aware, the only legitimate pressings with Killing Floor are on the original Plum and red Atlantic label. These are not so rare, but are becoming harder to find and good copies attract a reasonable price.
  8. Way to shut me up! That means I have to get off my high horse! Anyone have any good bootlegs for sale?
  9. Does anyone have details of where Celebration Day Vinyl might be available in Australia when it is released or will we need to buy online from overseas?
  10. What a cop out. Just because it's available doesn't mean you have to buy it. Owning a bootleg copy doesn't make you any more of a fan, all it does is fill the pockets of pirates who make money illegally and with no regard to the artist who created the music. You also need to check the definition of diatribe. Statement of fact is more to the point. I'd like to see you prove that theory.
  11. At the moment I'd say BBC is my favourite and that the vinyl (QUIEX 200g) is far superior to the CD. having said that though, it's very hard to compare them, they're all very different and all worth listening to in their own right. I'd be interested to hear HTWWW on vinyl to compare!
  12. Well, I'm brand new to this forum and I dare say that this next comment will not make me popular with too many people judging by the comments I have read here so far. You cannot call yourself a led Zeppelin fan AND own a bootleg copy of any of their performances. It's hypocrisy of the highest order. You all talk about owning these illegal bootleg copies as though it’s a badge of honour. It’s the total opposite, it’s a shameful display of disrespect to the artists you claim to admire.
  13. I'm brand new here, one of the first posts i read is this cheap post, but nice come back from everyone else. totally agree with all that has been said. I know I'm in the right place. Very passionate about my vinyl collection (42 and counting).
  14. haha, thanks all, Strider, be prepared, it's definitely a plague
  15. Hi all, just saying hello, looking forward to getting into a few choice Zep topics. Cheers Davros
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