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  1. It's sad to me so many people hate ITTOD. I personally have never been able to stand "Tangerine," "Tea For One,""Hats Off To Roy Harper"
  2. Actually, I correct myself... In Through The Out Door has become tied with Presence as my favorite
  3. Totally agree. It's my favorite Zeppelin song, and tied with Like A Rolling Stone for favorite song ever
  4. Presence is starting to edge out Led Zeppelin IV as my close second favorite because 2 of my favorite songs are on there: "Achilles Last Stand" and "Nobody's Fault But Mine," plus I like how hard and heavy the sound is.
  5. Zeppelin is my favorite band; but Dylan is my all-time idol and favorite singer/songwriter ever. I have every album and listen to them often still, just like I do with Zeppelin
  6. 1.Achilles' Last Stand 2.In My Time Of Dying 3.When The Levee Breaks 4.Over The Hills And Far Away 5.Black Dog
  7. Over The Hills And Far Away by far for me. The lyrics fit me perfectly, the tune is great, and I love the guitar solo.
  8. Do your eyes not sparkle, Senses growing keen You've tasted love along the way, See your feathers preen Kind of makes makes me feel sometimes, ya Didn't have to go We are eagles of one nest, The nest is in our soul
  9. "Communication Breakdown....Communication Breakdown" no seriously: "Let me wander in your garden, and the seeds of love I'll sow... YA KNOW!"
  10. My favorite Zeppelin song period is either In My Time Of Dying or Achilles Last Stand...depending on what day it is haha
  11. No contest for me: When The Levee Breaks. After an album full of what could be another band's greatest hits comes this loud, pounding, hard blues rocker. It ends the album with a major bang.
  12. Technically all of them at once on ITunes, but for my "collection" Physical Graffiti on vinyl.
  13. Physical Graffiti. So many songs, so much variety, so hard-rocking. Close second is Presence... I love every underrated song on Presence.
  14. 1. Living Loving Maid 2. Friends 3.Out On The Tiles 4.The Rover 5.Down By The Seaside 6. Hots On For Nowhere 7. South Bound Suarez 8. The Song Remains The Same 9. Wearing And Tearing 10. Black Country Woman
  15. I have always liked this aspect of the band because it's unique in a way. Many people I know still think the band members were avowed Crowley followers, and I still like to think they dabbled because it would be an awesome story
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