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  1. I can't believe the way you guys are recording history. It's fabulous and thank you for doing it. x
  2. I hope to get this as a Christmas present but is it good or bad? I want hi-res sound from Zep!
  3. Yeah, someone else who's a hi-fi buff told me that. I hope it includes artwork and precious stuff that's often forgotten. A 24bit, FLAC download option would be cool too...
  4. Yeah I have that as a download. But I didn't tell you that... ;-)
  5. All the original vinyl up to Houses of the Holy. CD versions of all up to Houses of the Holy. Remasters boxed set. And the best of all, the SHM-CD Japanese 2008 Definitive Collection with the mini LPs and album art. Plus 'How the West was Won'. 'Coda' and 'Presence' are new discoveries for me apart from certain tracks obviously. Even 'Houses' is getting better! :-)
  6. Are any Zep albums available in SACD? I have many others but never seen Zep available. The sound quality is so much better.
  7. Yeah true. I went to see Muse at the BBC - again with free tickets. Just 400 in the audience! Brilliant!
  8. III for me. Playing with it now on my mini LP Jap set. :-)
  9. In no particular order... Ten Years Gone Kashmir Black Country Woman - yes, really! Down by the Seaside In My Time of Dying Night Flight In The Light Trampled Underfoot Bron-Yr-Aur Boogie with Stu
  10. Back in the day - around 1971, I applied for tickets for the BBC 'In Concert' recordings. At that time you had no idea and were never told - until you turned up - who was gonna be playing live. So it was very much luck of the draw. Anyhow I got tickets so me and a mate went to the Paris Theatre in London and queued. Rumours were aplenty, but we'd heard all kinds of rumours about all sorts of things... Well we got in and settled to watch the band. It was The Kevin Ayers Band. They were okay - entertaining. But guess who was on the following week?! How cruel was that?
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